Business View Oceania | March 2021

25 26 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA MARCH 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA MARCH 2021 HECTOR EGGER New Zealand Limited B rand-new on the NZ offsite timber manufacturing scene and backed by two decades of parent company experience in Switzerland, Hector Egger New Zealand proudly announces it is now in operation and ready to discuss your projects! The Cromwell- based firm specialises in the manufacture of high-tech timber structures and prefabricated timber panels for NZ residential and commercial building construction. Innovative offsite manufacturing solutions provided by Hector Egger will improve the diversity of construction options available in the market; providing cost certainty with higher quality outcomes that are sustainably focused and produced faster than traditional building methods. Hector Egger New Zealand is a joint venture between Swiss company Hector Egger Holzbau AG and New Zealand partners Stephan Mäusli and Tristan Franklin. Hector Egger Holzbau AG are a leading European manufacturer with 20 years’ experience in offsite prefabrication of timber buildings and structures, with three ISO 9001 certified factories operating in Switzerland. Business View Oceania spoke AT A GLANCE HECTOR EGGER NEW ZEALAND LIMITED WHAT: Manufacturer of high-tech timber structures and prefabricated timber panels WHERE: Headquarters in Cromwell, NZ WEBSITE: Building offsite momentum Partners Michael Schar, Tristan Franklin, Stephan Mausli & Paul Schar at Neumattebrucke, a timber bridge they fabricated, assembled and installed.