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RE/MAX is the brand that Australians turn to when they are considering a real estate transaction.

[dropcap size=big]T[/dropcap]he state-of-the-art website which lists available properties is only the first step in this organisation's repertoire of services for its customers. The worldwide RE/MAX network comprises of 100,000 agents in 100 countries. The wide geographical spread and penetration of the market gives the company an unrivalled advantage in the real estate field. Each RE/MAX agent is intensely trained and has an in-depth knowledge of the local market that he operates in. This combination of a multi-national presence coupled with the close familiarity which each agent has over his area of operation has resulted in RE/MAX achieving the leading position amongst its peers. remax The RE/MAX agent has skills in a wide variety of subjects connected with the real estate market. These skills coupled with experience in multiple transactions in a range of situations will serve to make your buying experience well-informed and hassle-free. It is the company's firm belief that the best way to serve a customer is to understand his requirements and use the insights gained over the years to provide the ideal real estate solution. After identifying a suitable property a customer's prime concern is that the transaction should proceed without a hitch and that the other party keeps to his word. Our agents, through a process of continuous communication with both sides ensure that the participants in the transaction are on the same page and all issues which arise are discussed and resolved to the satisfaction of both parties. This approach has served RE/MAX well and is the chief reason that our clients recommend the company to their friends and family. remax_02Each real estate transaction in which Re/MAX is involved is based on ensuring that both the seller and buyer benefit. Any query put to the company's agent is answered comprehensively using the wealth of knowledge and experience at the disposal of each RE/MAX office. RE/MAX was founded in 1973 in Denver Colorado by Dave and Gail Liniger. Today it is the only major real estate network that is still owned and directed by its original founders. The core principles on which they built the business permeate the entire organisation and is the reason for the company's growth and international success. The name RE/MAX is an acronym for “real estate maximums” and signifies the management philosophy of the company which is based on maximising agent compensation along with freedom, choice and flexibility. The company has remained steadfast in its beliefs over the decades and the values which the company's founders had built RE/MAX on, have become ingrained throughout the organisation. RE/MAX Australia has built upon the respect and admiration commanded by the RE/MAX brand, to make itself the most sought after organisation in the real estate business in the country. The master franchise for RE/MAX Australia and RE/MAX New Zealand has been acquired by Managing Director Michael Davoren, along with co-owners Keith Walker (Franchise Director) and Chris Chapman (Finance Director). Michael Davoren is a doyen of the real estate industry and has over three decades of experience in the field. He has served as the President of the Real Estate Institute of Australia and also of the Real Estate  Institute of Queensland. In addition to this, Michael Davoren was an Executive Board member of the Chicago-based International Consortium of Real Estate Associations for five years. remax_Gold_Coast_Balloon The RE/MAX Hot Air Balloon is one of the promotional initiatives of the organisation. There are over 90 located worldwide and are a familiar sight in the countries in which the company operates. In Australia there are two balloons located in Melbourne and the Gold Coast. These are regularly used in promotional events and have served to make the RE/MAX logo popular and create brand awareness for the organisation. The RE/MAX symbol received a fillip when in 1998, RE/MAX International Chairman Dave Lininger attempted the first stratospheric ascent in a balloon from Alice Springs. RE/MAX Australia has partnered with a number of organisations to make the real estate transactions of its clients as effortless as possible and give them the opportunity to avail several facilities conveniently. A partial listing of these partnerships is:
  • Australian Property Finance – This organisation provides access to over 20 sources of funds for purchase of property and serves to identify an appropriate lender for real estate transactions. Australian Property Finance is an indispensable resource for property buyers and can serve to make the borrowing process effortless.
  • Styled By Me – This is a property staging company which caters to home sellers who wish to make the best impression on prospective buyers. The USP of Styled By Me is that it promises to ensure that your home makes the best impression and fetches the maximum selling price.
  • Direct Connect: Making Moving Easy – Providing services such as arranging for phone, internet, pay TV and gas connections and also arranging for truck hire, cleaning and insurance, this business makes moving into a new home convenient and obviates the necessity for the home owner to waste time on mundane tasks.
RE/MAX agents demystify the real estate buying process and ensure that you are delighted with the end result by following one simple principle – they put you at the centre of the transaction and direct all their efforts towards addressing your needs. They will first understand your requirement and then use their experience to find the perfect property for you. A RE/MAX agent will guide you in the following areas:
  • Which is the ideal location to buy property: Each prospective buyer has his own set of unique requirements. These first need to be identified and then matched with the available options in the market. This is one of the chief areas where the agent proves his worth. He will understand your needs and also be in a position to anticipate them because he would have handled many similar clients in the past. The various factors to be considered before finalising a property can include the proximity of schools, the availability of parks in the neighbourhood and the distance from your place of work.
  • The neighbourhood: Your agent will advise you to spend some time in the neighbourhood to familiarise yourself with its atmosphere. After all, you would be spending at least the next few years in the area and it is the place where your children will grow up.
  • Insurance: Which are the various covers that you require? Your RE/MAX agent will advise you as he will be familiar with the area and know the type of claims that may arise.
  • Home inspection – Getting one done can save you a lot of grief in the days to come. A qualified home inspector will examine the property and certify it after considering various parameters.
If you are considering selling property RE/MAX will use its considerable experience and familiarity with the real estate market in your area to give you an indicative value which you can expect. Most home owners tend to have a slightly inflated figure in mind and it is always advisable to consider a realistic estimate before taking a decision to sell your house. Additionally, there are costs associated with a sale and the net amount that you can expect could be well below your expectations. RE/MAX will prove to be an invaluable ally in your real estate transaction. The decision to buy or sell property would be one of the most important financial dealings of your life. You need to take your time and consider all the possible factors before you make up your mind. Your RE/MAX agent, who spends most of his time in the field, is familiar with the area where you are considering buying property. If you are a prospective seller he knows the going rate in your neighbourhood and can get you the best possible price. You will be well advised to use the services of RE/MAX in your real estate transaction so that you can be assured of access to quality service and a fair deal. ______________________________________ AT A GLANCE WHO: RE/MAX WHAT: Real Estate business founded in 1973, in Denver, Colorado. WHERE: Australian headquarters in Milton, Qld. WEBSITE: http://www.remax.com.au/[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]