Apiam Animal Health secures two new acquisitions in line with revenue growth strategy

July 8, 2022

Leading veterinary services group Apiam Animal Health has made a massive move towards achieving their goal to double their revenue by 2024 through the acquisition of two new vet providers- Victorian Equine Group and Romsey Veterinary Surgery. The company purchases their two new streams for a total of $13.75 million in cash and shares.

Managing Director Chris Richards shared his excitement for the new relationships this acquisition creates. “We are pleased to announce these strategic acquisitions that further reflect our commitment to providing leading equine veterinary services while continuing our strategic regional expansion into fast-growth veterinary markets. Victorian Equine Group will enable us to provide industry-leading surgical and specialist skills to the broad range of equine markets we service in Victoria. Apiam Animal Health now have a leading specialist cornerstone equine clinic location in each major East Coast state for our local clinics to use for expert referral. Romsey Veterinary Surgery adds an important mixed animal location in the fast-growth corridor between Melbourne and Bendigo. We are looking forward welcoming both veterinary clinic teams on board.

We are highly confident that our regional expansion strategy puts us on track to double our revenue base by 2024 to more than $300 million. This is based on ongoing organic initiatives, our greenfield clinic roll-out program as well as our future acquisition runway.”

Apiam Animal Health brings together over 150 industry leaders- highly skilled veterinarians from production animal and mixed animal practices throughout Australia. Based in Bendigo, Victoria, the organisation has its roots in pig, cow, sheep, poultry, horse, and companion animal vet sectors, including applicable diagnostics, technologies, logistics, ecommerce, etc.

Apiam Animal Health is now comprised of 70 business sites that fly their Local Knowhow, Global Knowledge banner.

You can visit the Apiam Animal Health website here: https://www.apiam.com.au/


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