Australian Timber Flooring Association

AT A GLANCE AUSTRALASIAN TIMBER FLOORING ASSOCIATION WHAT: Association that supports companies affiliated with all areas of the Timber Flooring industry throughout Australasia WHERE: The Australasian Timber Flooring Association currently operates across Australia and New Zealand WEBSITE: Australasian Timber Flooring Association T he Australasian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA) provides a universal voice for all organisations associated with the timber flooring industry in Australia and New Zealand. Formed in 2005 to improve and enforce industry standards as a response to overwhelming concerns surrounding widespread unregulated, low-quality workmanship in the industry, ATFA has since evolved to further support its members in the development and delivery of important education and training initiatives, provision of industry-related resources, and representation to government. CEO of the Australasian Timber Flooring Association, Randy Flierman is passionate about the organisation’s role in supporting and developing the industry. “Our purpose in coming together was to respond to concerns about the nature of the industry and how it was conducted, which lacked professionalism at the time. When we gauged the level of severity through Government compliance faults, timber flooring was second only to leaking shower bases. Timber flooring is now not even in the top ten, so since Industry Focussed and Member-driven.