Australian Timber Flooring Association

AUSTRALAS I AN T IMBER FLOOR ING ASSOC I AT ION incredibly proud of. ATFA works with Soldier On to help place returned service people and family members back into the industry and civilian life. A mutually beneficial partnership, ATFA’s involvement with Soldier On also helps to address industry concerns surrounding labour and skills shortages. Flierman shares that the Australasian Timber Flooring Association has multiple projects planned and future goals in place to continue developing the organisation for its members. “We focus on continuous improvement. There is a fair amount of expansion planned for the future; we have already expanded into New Zealand, and we are now looking to expand further into the Asia Pacific region with Southeast Asia as a starting point. We are looking to do more in terms of assessment of industry products with our product compliance programme, which has manufacturers assessed in terms of product quality. We are also hoping to get retailers more involved within the association and look closely at how we can provide more assistance to them directly, so that we have equal systems and benefits in place for all of our members. That is very important to us.” The Australasian Timber Flooring Association is proud to represent its members in the timber flooring industry and will continue to work non-stop to provide member businesses with the opportunity to become more professional, publicised, and profitable. setting. Similarly, ATFA works quickly to keep members informed of ongoing restrictions in all jurisdictions. The Australasian Timber Flooring Association provides an inspection service for its members across Australia and New Zealand. With an inspections team of 20 carrying out upwards of 600 inspections per year, ATFA supports members by making sure workmanship, safety, product specifications and regulations are met if a client has an issue on site with their installed timber flooring. Approximately 55% of inspections carried out by ATFA are insurance related. Inspectors on site generate a draft report, which is then examined by reviewing staff at the association and forwarded to the appropriate sources. Community outreach through partnership with the Solider On organisation is something the Australasian Timber Flooring Association is