Where you want to be. Across the globe, the world of business is changing. In today's fast-paced environment, businesses need to be agile and adaptable to attend to the demands of consumers and suppliers as competition intensifies. Conditions can be tough in today’s world of running a business with regulatory compliance becoming increasingly complex. We don’t expect you to keep up to date with all the demands and changes, so to help you, we have a finely tuned team of experts ready to guide you through the challenges this evolving environment creates, and assist you to overcome challenges, reach strategic goals and achieve sustainable success. Your future is our business. Contact your local Bentleys advisor today. Bentleys is proud to partner with Service FM. SERV I CEFM what makes ServiceFM tick. Viola explains, “The idea was to become a solution to our clients, so we would not just be another contractor, but would become a partner. Everything we have done and all the decisions we have made along the way have been to continue in that journey. We don’t try to change our clients’ way of thinking to our own. We want to fit in with the way they run their business. We pride ourselves on that and the fact that we can customise our services to be what our clients really need.” Part of the journey towards ServiceFM’s current success was the combining of multiple companies into one brand. After listening to client feedback asking for a single invoice across all facilities management operations, senior staff spent five years working hard to transform their clients’ desires into a functional reality. As a result, ServiceFM has secured long-term clients These services include: • Asset Management (HVAC, electrical, lifts and escalators, plumbing, fire systems, painting, carpentry and joinery, lighting, property maintenance, plants and equipment, building works and compliance), • Commercial and Corporate Cleaning (condition auditing, waste management and periodic services), • Commercial Hospitality (catering, accommodation, event services, linen, laundry and uniform), • Electrical Safety and Compliance Testing (testing and tagging, thermal testing, RCD testing, data management, exit signs and microwave testing), • Infection Control (touchpoint, decontamination and fumigation), • Operational Services (mail rooms, record management, grounds maintenance, pest control, contract management, support services, temporary and supporting personnel), • Security and Electronic Services (patrols, static guards, cash in transit, CCTV, access control, site inductions and compliance, emergency response), and • Workplace Management. CEO James Pollock and Executive Director Mauro Viola present their exclusive insights into just CEO, James Pollock