so that management staff could work from home. So, it was very seamless operating during the pandemic. We didn’t really notice many disadvantages in our operation, although the demand for our services was ultra-high.” ServiceFM boasts high staff retention, operating at retention rates of 97 percent for many years, with some workers having been with the company for a quarter of a century. Senior staff attribute this to competitive pay, guidance support, consistent work and external support mechanisms that promote a positive work culture. Looking to the future for ServiceFM, senior staff members report a triple in company growth to be their main priority. Confident in the company’s ability to meet this aim, thanks to careful planning and developing infrastructure, James Pollock and Mauro Viola are looking forward to leading the entire ServiceFM team in providing integrated services to even more clients, across even more locations throughout Australia. SERV I CEFM PREFERRED VENDORS/PARTNERS n Bentleys “Bentleys is an international network of advisory and accounting firms. We help businesses and individuals achieve their goals and aspirations, and get them where they want to be. Bentleys has a proud history of providing progressive advisory, accounting and audit services.”