Business View Australia – August 2015

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Business View Australia – August 2015

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Editor’s Note

Dear Readers,

Australia has a robust political system and an effective bureaucracy. The press is free and highly independent and the country’s judicial system operates in an absolutely impartial manner. All these factors contribute to the nation’s ability to suitably alter its economic and business policies to address the changing environment.

In the current month’s issue of Business View Magazine Australia, we examine the working of several institutions that play a part in making the country’s economic and business policies resilient and in line with what is required. These associations encompass a wide range of areas and each of them plays an important role in highlighting issues which are of relevance to their respective sectors.

The Australian mining industry is currently going through a tough phase and the Mineral Industry Consultants Association Inc. is playing a vital role in contributing to its revival. The country’s health sector is a large part of the economy and an article in this issue examines the Public Health Association of Australia’s functioning and the crucial part it plays.

The country’s beef industry is famous for its quality and our discussions with The Angus Society of Australia reveal the high quality standards prevalent amongst farmers and other organisations connected with beef production. This issue also reviews the value, which The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport Australia Incorporated, adds to the movement of goods within and outside the country.

Australian cities are famous for having excellent infrastructure and this is due in large part to the inputs that the Urban Development Institute of Australia has made over the years. Our in-depth article delves into the organisation’s functioning.

This month the magazine explores the business practices followed by several highly successful and well-run commercial enterprises. The Australian Aged Care Group Pty Ltd is a high-end provider of aged care facilities and is recognised nation-wide for its excellent infrastructure and highly trained staff. We also look at Hall & Prior Health & Aged Care Group, a large and remarkably well-run organisation.

Mount Hospital is a leader in specialist health services and a pioneer in providing patient care which is analysed in this section of the magazine.
The environment and its preservation is rightly getting greater attention and two companies which are working in this area are Australian Groundwater Technologies and Empyreal Energy International. Both companies are making important contributions to the reduction in global warming.

This issue also reviews the functioning of Clancy Corporation, the foremost electrical, air conditioning, refrigeration, and signage company in the Mount Isa area. Further, two very successful companies in the construction space, Onesector Pty Ltd and Universal Constructions are reviewed in this issue.

Finally, there are stories on two very large organisations, BHP Billiton Ltd, the world’s biggest mining company and National Australia Bank, the country’s premier financial institution.

As always, we look forward to your feedback and inputs.

With best wishes,

Ravinder Kapur | Editor-in-Chief