Clean My Office Space (CMOS) – Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand

August 4, 2022
Clean My Office Space (CMOS) - Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand

Clean My Office Space (CMOS)

Your Partner in Cleanliness


Business View Oceania interviews Harvey Frame and Charles Laing of CMOS, for our focus on Facilities and Building Management.

Clean My Office Space (CMOS) is your partner in cleanliness, striving to deliver high performance, tailored cleaning services for office and common area environments across the Auckland and Wellington region. An experienced team of over 150 cleaners and 30 office staff, plus senior representatives, CMOS proudly celebrates a decade of operation this year. Since its founding in 2012, the New Zealand owned and operated company has grown organically to service over 500 clients in high-rise buildings, central business districts, business parks and small-scale commercial areas. Staff are deeply committed to providing exemplary customer service by attracting and retaining the best team members, implementing the latest systems and processes, and striving for world-class communication to ensure a premium result for every client.

CMOS has a solid reputation for being industry leaders in performance- setting a new standard for quality cleaning throughout the New Zealand market. With testimonials such as, “The whole team cares so much and always pick up the phone with a heartfelt hello, and always think outside the box to help us” (Intergen), and “The account management and job management is by far superior to other cleaning companies, which certainly makes life easier” (Oyster Group Ltd), if there’s an office or common area space in need, CMOS are certainly qualified to clean it. The company’s growth has been recognised in their listings on Deloitte’s New Zealand Fastest 50 Growing Companies. CMOS states, “We believe that by getting the communication right and providing a consistent service, we are dragging the industry out of the dark ages. We’re getting the simple things right while treating our cleaners properly, and that’s what makes us successful.”

CMOS works with small to medium offices in Auckland and Wellington to keep their workplaces clean, healthy, and productive. Clients are offered an account manager who is on call 24/7 and available as a single point of contact, and all cleaners are directly employed by the company to ensure consistency in quality and foster a sense of confidence, trust, and partnership. All cleaning supplies and equipment is provided for standard and additional services, which include carpet and steam cleaning, hard floor scrubs, chemical cleans, expendables supply and installation, tea towel supply and cleaning, window cleaning, and specialist cleans. CMOS also services common areas such as lobbies, elevators, kitchens, stairwells and entrances, restrooms, garbage and recycling areas, walls, and outside areas- right down to mirrors, handles, switches and plugs, and tricky removals such as chewing gum and graffiti.

Clean My Office Space (CMOS) - Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand

Founder/CEO, Harvey Frame

Senior representatives Harvey Frame (Founder/CEO) and Charles Laing (COO) are happy to report a 20% increase in revenue since they last spoke to Business View in July of 2021. “We have worked extremely hard over the last year to further develop our value offering for our customers and staff,” Mr. Frame begins. “We still believe in consistent, professional cleaning of the highest quality, and our corporate culture remains a respectful team environment, but we have implemented some changes, particularly in the way we use technology to our advantage. We now have a CRM feedback system that allows us to run a monthly raffle for our staff to reward them based on direct feedback from our clients. We have also strengthened our leadership team with our full time COO, Finance Manager, and Recruitment Manager. We have made a significant investment in our staff to complement our core values, which centre around humility, team hunger, and people smarts. It’s crucial that our staff feel supported and respected- the industry has a pretty negative reputation for how they treat their cleaners, and we want to change that. We don’t hire contractors, so all our staff are directly employed, and we are committed to promoting the widespread implementation of a living wage for the whole industry in New Zealand.”

Mr Laing continues, “We are beyond proud to report that we didn’t need to make a single cleaner redundant as a result of the lockdowns; I think that shows our dedication to our team, and their dedication to us as well. Loyalty is a huge deal for us, and it goes both ways.”

Clean My Office Space (CMOS) - Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand

COO, Charles Laing

CMOS has conducted meticulous market research to identify and meet the primary wants and needs of their clients. Mr. Laing shares, “Our customers care most about the consistency of their cleaning service and our ability to effectively communicate, but they are also concerning themselves with the wellbeing of our cleaners. Nobody wants to see someone doing their work and being miserable about it. That’s why we have worked so hard to create an environment that is enjoyable and has the appropriate incentives for outstanding effort. We recently self-submitted for an audit from the New Zealand Department of Labour, to further show our commitment to staff safety, fulfillment, and general wellbeing. We make sure our expectations are very clear and help our cleaners achieve them, and foster a workplace that is very open, inclusive, and transparent. CMOS genuinely wants to do right by our cleaners and clients.”

Sustainability is a priority for CMOS. Mr. Frame explains, “Our team is passionate about our responsibility to take care of the environment. We see our role as more than just guardians of our clients’ hygiene and health- we champion sustainability wherever and whenever possible. That’s through our cleaning products, energy and waste management, and education. We cover the obvious little things like separating glass, cardboard, compost, and general recycling, and we carpool to reduce emissions. We also participate in the Million Metres Streams Project at the end of every year to plant trees according to every new contract we earned. It’s a source of great pride for us, and for our staff as well.”

CMOS also provides a variety of online resources to support office, facility, and property management clients. They include eco-friendly, motivational, and hygiene posters to encourage sustainable, positive, and practices throughout the office, comprehensive moving checklists, and scoring tools to help choose responsible, reliable, and professional contractors. As the business continues to evolve, CMOS plans to expand their operation further into other New Zealand regions, in support of their goal to triple their market share over the next few years. If their recent growth is anything to go by, this is definitely a space to watch!

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Clean My Office Space (CMOS)

What: Provider of high-performance commercial office and common area cleaning

Where: CMOS has offices in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand



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