Spantec Systems Pty Ltd

I t all started with a beam. A lightweight steel beam that became the foundation for an ‘easy’ building system, pioneered by Spantec Systems Pty Ltd, that’s gaining popularity throughout Australia. A specialist manufacturer and supplier to the residential and commercial construction industry, Spantec’s product lines consist of proprietary lightweight beams and related connection supporting and bracing systems. The company creates innovative building solutions in an eight-person design office using in-house software, with the main areas of focus being ground floor rafter and awning roof applications. Soon, a new beam specifically targeting upper floor applications will be added to the product portfolio. Roy Beaumont, Managing Director at Spantec, reports, “We commenced business in 1992 – actually starting with an efficient structural beam and not really knowing where to take it. At the time there was a beam that had been developed by another company; they were having financial difficulties and I got involved with it on the technical side. We subsequently identified that there was quite a lot of problems with the testing regimen that had been carried out and the beam didn’t perform. So, along with an engineer, I developed an alternative beam. We started off kicking around the concept and in the end we Spantec Systems Pty Ltd Making building easy AT A GLANCE SPANTEC SYSTEMS PTY LTD WHAT: Manufacturing leader in light structural steel beams and steel flooring systems WHERE: Headquarters in Mittagong, NSW WEBSITE: