Business View Oceania | April 2021

27 28 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA APRIL 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA APRIL 2021 ‘Cerno’– a latin word from the Greek ‘Kerno’ meaning: To discern or distinguish; to reveal insight and understanding; to separate or sift. C erno turned out to be a very fitting name chosen back in 2004 by Michael Figg and Paul Di Cristo to represent their newly- established company. At the time, the pair had a vision of creating custom-tailored property investment and project management solutions for clients on the east coast of Australia. Over the years, the founders’ focus expanded, and their business followed suit. Today, the four divisions: Cerno Property Services (CPS) – property, facilities and leasing management; Cerno Management (CM) – project delivery services; Cerno Real Estate Investors (CREI) – sophisticated real estate investment products for institutional and wholesale investors; and Cerno Capital (CCAP) – multi-level financing solutions for investors and developers, collectively form Cerno Group. Based in Sydney, with a satellite office in Melbourne, Cerno Group has earned a fine reputation for its diversified, highly- integrated approach to property, combined with a consistent track record and breadth of experience in dealing with complex assets, ownership structures and projects. The firm caters mostly to major cities and metropolitan areas across Australia’s eastern seaboard, with expertise in multiple sectors including retail, industrial, fit-out, commercial, education, mixed- use, hospitality, clubs, health, aged care and seniors’ living. CPS, the Group’s property, facilities and leasing management division, is a licensed real estate company. What differentiates CPS from competitors is its integrated approach. Through the close affiliation with the Cerno Group, CPS has understanding and experience across the entire property ownership investment phase CERNOGROUP Going the extra mile AT A GLANCE CERNO GROUP WHAT: A diversified commercial property group specialising in facilities management WHERE: Headquarters in Sydney, NSW WEBSITE: