Business View Oceania | April 2021

45 46 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA APRIL 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA APRIL 2021 AT A GLANCE RCR INFRASTRUCTURE LTD. (NZ) WHAT: A national provider of integrated engineering solutions WHERE: Head office in Auckland, New Zealand WEBSITE: rcr Infrastructure (NZ) R CR Infrastructure has a rich, outstanding history dating all the way back to 1898, when an engineering company, Tomlinson Bros, was founded by Ernest and Edward Tomlinson in Perth, Western Australia. Many years later in 1979, also in Western Australia, RCR Engineering Ltd was established by Ron Stevens, Clive Butcher and Robert Wovodich, providing mainly machine and fabrication services. The evolution continued when Centurion Industries took over a company called Clyde Industries, as well as RCR Engineering. In 1996, Tomlinson Brothers took over Centurion Industries, creating one larger company to be known as RCR Tomlinson. In 2019, brothers John and Michael Chow– owners of the Stonewood Group – acquired RCR Tomlinson, and renamed it as RCR Infrastructure Ltd. Backing of the Stonewood Group has strengthened RCR Infrastructures’ move into the successful multifaceted organisation it is today. Proud to be a wholly New Zealand owned company, RCR Infrastructure Limited counts itself as an industry leader and national provider of planned maintenance, reactive service, minor and major projects, along with IQP building compliance services. They presently work in the HVAC, refrigeration and electrical industries; delivering quality service and installations throughout New Zealand. This innovative company has a wide range of commercial customers, from smaller retail stores, to mid-size office buildings, and high- T H E F U T U R E O F E N G I N E E R I N G