Business View Oceania | April 2021

51 52 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA APRIL 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA APRIL 2021 RCR INFRASTRUCTURE (NZ) cost-effective, high-quality commercial solutions. Ko shares, “In our four year plan, we want RCR to be the engineering company every New Zealander will be using. The future is artificial intelligence and with that AI platform we will be installing intelligent solutions in buildings and incorporating them with a building management system to complete the circle of development of intelligent buildings – not ‘smart homes’ anymore. We are one step ahead and already embracing the future with a team of young and passionate people.” “We’re using a lot of old technology and that has created a lot of pollution and chaos throughout the world,” says Ko. “The answer is out there –we have a key to the future; the problem is that we have a key but not enough people to open the door. What we want to do with RCR and the Stonewood Group is open that door. Not many engineering companies out there are as forward thinking as we are. To embrace the government change to EV fleets, we need to have the infrastructure. We need the EV chargers, the solar panels, and the turbines to create all the power to charge EVs – to move away from the dirty energy. Also in the HVAC sector, we want to get away from “dirty refrigerants” in the old air con units and bring in the new, environmentally- friendly R-32 refrigerants solutions.” RCR is proud to deliver exceptional results, on time and within budget. The company’s approach is 100 percent collaborative and consultative, working holistically to provide PREFERRED VENDORS/PARTNERS n Fujitsu General NZ n Ecopoint LED Lighting n REFSPECS Refrigeration Specialties Ltd n Ideal Electrical Suppliers