Business View Oceania | April 2021

69 70 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA APRIL 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA APRIL 2021 is also key to be a part of your own sector’s Associations. This is especially true for manufacturers in the construction industry, where products need to meet building codes and standards. Juken New Zealand have signed up to be a part of multiple building and truss associations. Their accreditation includes responsible forestry practices from the Forest Stewardship Council, which is a body that supports the growth of responsible forest management worldwide. In addition, they have ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accreditations, and certifications from the EWPAA (Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia), and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), which is awarded by the Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance. Collaboration is key to delivering services and products that encourage repeat business from clientele. In that regard, Juken have an extensive list of B2B relationships. Wilmshurst states, “Without them, we wouldn’t be able to survive. We’ve worked with some for more than 25 years, companies like Hexion, Scion, and McAuleys Transport. They have really helped us to evolve as a company.” Juken New Zealand looks to the future with confidence and a strong understanding of what is in store for them and the industry in the next five years. “I think we’re well placed with some of the innovative products that we are working on,” says Wilmshurst. “We’ll see those overseas building techniques come to New Zealand, and we are well positioned in terms of the industry with regards to partners and our suppliers to create opportunities for ourselves to grow. We’re in a good situation to move forward together, and it really challenges the thinking of what we’re currently doing for the near future and in the long-term.” The port of choice for central New Zealand CentrePort is New Zealand's most strategically situated intermodal hub, linking road, rail, domestic and international shipping services. JUKEN NEW ZEALAND LTD . PREFERRED VENDORS/PARTNERS n RLB Packaging | 0800 850 060 RLB Packaging is one of New Zealand’s leading Strapping & Packaging suppliers with a well-established reputation for excellence.  For over 100 years, we’ve earned that reputation through our commitment to providing customers with expertise, innovation, unique packaging and strapping solutions, and safety products across all industry sectors. n SimpleAs | n Hexion Inc. Customer Service AU Customer Service NZ n CentrePort Ltd