Business View Oceania | April/May 2022

21 22 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 AT A GLANCE THE IQ GROUP GLOBAL WHAT: Finding, funding, and developing bioscience for the creation of medical innovations WHERE: The iQ Group Global is headquartered in Sydney, Australia WEBSITE: The iQGroupGlobal T he iQ Group Global is a collective of likeminded companies that have worked to find, fund, and develop bioscience technologies to support medical innovation across the world since their founding in 2011. The organisation acquires intellectual property from their partners in research and academia, then uses their network of expertise to begin the lengthy process of transforming patents into marketable medical technologies. The iQ Group Global brings together the best of science, investment, and commercialisation towards a common goal; turning bioscience discoveries into life changing medical innovations, and taking them to the people who need them most. Founder and CEO Dr. George Syrmalis established the innovative model behind The iQ Group Global in 2010. “Our mission is to identify the right assets and support their development as they lead us to medical discoveries and innovations, whether that is pharmaceutical products, medical devices, or health technologies,” Dr. Syrmalis shares. “Once we acquire a patent, we match it with a portfolio company, who then becomes the beneficiary for future monetisation. At the same What Starts here Changes the World