Business View Oceania | April/May 2022

65 66 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 and legal advisory services; access to member- only resources and online community platforms; subscriptions to the quarterly Practice Manager Journal and Pulse+IT, and the fortnightly The Practice Space e-newsletter; Certified Practice Manager credentials and scholarship opportunities; and, invitations to the annual AAPM National Conference and Practice Manager of the Year awards. Miranda Grace, CEO of AAPM, says the association’s mission is to lead, promote, and support excellence in healthcare practice management. “We are the peak professional body for Practice Managers and the profession of practice management across the entire healthcare sector throughout Australia. We provide a member-based service with the goal to deliver excellence in practice management, by ensuring professional development in appropriate governance, human resources, finance, business operation and administration… Everything our members need to run a successful practice. Historically, Practice Managers were the physician’s partner, secretary, or assistant. The broadening and growth of their responsibilities overtime has seen Practice Managers evolve into frontline, patient-facing members of staff that are absolutely essential to the success of a practice. It is our job to advocate for Practice Managers and provide them with the development opportunities they need, including education and accreditation, to thrive.” The AAPM Constitution states its objects of establishment as: “To represent and unite Practice Managers and other within the profession of practice management throughout the healthcare industry; promote, create opportunities, and advance professional development and leadership; promote and advance ethical behaviour within the profession according to the AAPM Code of Ethical Conduct; promote and advance advocacy and recognition of the role of practice management; contribute to a sustainable and socially responsible healthcare system; and, to establish strategic alliances in pursuit of said objects.” Bringing this constitution to life, Miranda says, is no easy feat. “We are the only peak association for Practice Managers in Australia. Across the industry, it is a consistent challenge for our members to be recognised as professionals in their own right- our role is often overshadowed by that of doctors and nurses, but the role of Practice Managers is just as pivotal. Patients and the general public don’t necessarily understand the work that goes on behind the scenes in practice management, so we are doing a lot of work to raise awareness and educate Australia on what we do.” The AAPM has also seen members face a plethora of challenges during and following the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly concerning patient aggression and inconsistency in government information distribution. AUSTRAL I AN ASSOC I AT ION OF PRACT I CE MANAGEMENT Miranda Grace, CEO of AAPM