Business View Oceania | April/May 2022

69 70 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 AT A GLANCE PHYSIOXTRA WHAT: Thriving integrated rehabilitation network championing patient-centric care WHERE: PhysioXtra has six clinic locations throughout Adelaide, South Australia WEBSITE: PhysioXtra Chigwidden bought a house and turned the front room into a treatment room. That, in turn, expanded into the entire house being used as their facility. Nick recalls, “It was just a one-person clinic. I came from a business marketing background and felt that going forward, it’s hard work if you’re just a single operator. So we started talking with one of our friends who owned a single-operator clinic on the other side of town. They had similar values in the way that Kath and I wanted to do A little extra effort can go a long way. That’s the mantra that fuels the team at PhysioXtra. And like their moniker, they believe that going the extra mile – giving the extra effort – is what makes them successful. Today, PhysioXtra is a thriving concern run by Founder and Co-Director Kath Chigwidden, CEO Nick Chigwidden, and Co-Director Robert Bowden – a far cry from when the business started with just one room and one physio. Back in 1996, husband and wife team, Kath and Nick Going the Extra Mile