Business View Oceania | April/May 2022

75 76 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 C oncentric Health Group is changing the landscape for allied health in aged care homes. The multi-disciplinary allied health practice offers specialized care to the elderly and disabled by integrating a private practice model within the walls of aged care settings. In doing this, Concentric’s practice can offer a higher standard of care to those who are often overlooked by government standards. CEO of Concentric Health Group, Dr. Nick Young, began his career in private practice physiotherapy. Five years into his career, he was inspired to start a new venture which would come to revolutionize the industry. During a meeting with colleague Angeline Violi, now the company’s Director, the pair identified a gap in the standard of care that was being offered to the elderly. The idea was sparked as Violi recounted the tragic struggle her grandmother faced in her aged care home. Young explains, “My colleague’s grandmother was living in an aged care home when she had a fall and fractured her hip. She had a hip replacement and was subsequently discharged back to the aged care home under the assumption by the surgeon that AT A GLANCE CONCENTRIC HEALTH GROUP WHAT: Multidisciplinary allied health practice network promoting integrated healthcare for the aged care sector and beyond WHERE: Concentric Health Group has 31 clinic locations throughout Australia WEBSITE: CONCENTRIC HEALTH GROUP Revolutionizing Allied Health