Business View Oceania | April/May 2022

99 100 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 4 SiteXcell The Telco Property Experts T he experts at siteXcell have worked exclusively on behalf of property owners to manage relationships with telecommunications carriers since their founding in 2005. Over the last 17 years, siteXcell have supported private landowners, property managers, utilities, REITS and investment banks, critical infrastructure assets, and government and education landholdings, to ensure the protection of their interests when dealing with carriers. The company uses their expert knowledge of the telecommunications industry to level the playing field for landowners, maximise their returns, add value to telecommunications sites, and minimise the risk of revenue loss. siteXcell can assist clients in negotiating a new lease (new lease, lease renewal, surrender and re-grants, termination, relocation, ‘make good’ negotiations, and upgrade notifications), selling an existing lease (market analysis, commercial heads of terms, and sale by tender facilitation), managing property access by telcos (access protocols, access requests, and managing WHS documentation), understanding Land Access Activity Notices (LAAN reviews, objections, and appeals), and identifying and responding to unauthorised equipment on property. The team also extends opportunities for strategy mentoring, marketing analysis, and portfolio advice. Mr. Dennis Doty is Managing Director at AT A GLANCE SITEXCELL WHAT: Telecommunications property advisors supporting Australian property owners nationwide WHERE: SiteXcell is headquartered in Sydney, Australia WEBSITE: