Business View Oceania | August 2022

31 32 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8 MIDI SPENSARY patients and follow-up consultations are generally carried out at one-, three-, six-, and 12-month intervals to ensure optimal results. The team prides themselves on reducing the difficulties associated with accessing plant- based medicines and works closely with any and all pharmacies in Australia that offer the right products, to find the most convenient and timely locations for patients to pick up their medicine. Co-Founder Eidan Havas begins, “I grew up in Miami, Florida; an environment and culture that fosters a more accepting attitude towards plant-based medicines, including medicinal cannabis. As a patient myself, I know how life- changing these medicines can be. In Australia, gaining access to plant-based treatment is a much more arduous process, and I found it very difficult to continue my own treatment as a result. And so, my wife and I embarked on this journey, to help other patients avoid the challenges I had to face. We opened up MiDispensary a little over a year ago with the goal to make medicinal cannabis more readily available, more affordable, and of a better quality for Australian patients. The cost of treatment here can be overwhelming or off putting for potential patients, and is often downright unreasonable- and it’s not just the products. We found that clinics often charge per appointment, which means every time a patient needs to see a doctor or nurse, for eligibility consultations, treatment, changes or repeats in prescriptions, etc, they were shelling out more and more money. MiDispensary charges an affordable 12-month subscription fee that covers administration fees, doctor’s and nurse’s consultations, scripts, receipts, etc. We are also as flexible as we can be with payment options. We want to change the profit-heavy culture that has already reared its head in what is quite a new industry in Australia.” MiDispensary is a family-owned business that has until now operated via telehealth services- but as of next month, their first physical storefront will be open in Bondi Junction. Mr. Havas explains, “Our storefront is a dual- purpose facility that offers a dedicated clinic and pharmacy solely for medicinal cannabis users. This is the first of its kind in Australia- our GPs only prescribe medicinal cannabis, and our pharmacy only dispenses medicinal cannabis products. And though we will be continuing our telehealth services, having a physical location will be wonderful for our patients because every single consultation will be bulk billed through Medicare.” Challenges currently facing Australian patients who seek treatment with medicinal cannabis include ongoing stigma, access difficulties, high CEO, Eidan Havas