Business View Oceania | August 2022

37 38 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8 SCL PRODUCTS I ntroduced to the New Zealand market nearly two decades ago, SCL Products was formed to provide the local meat industry with radio frequency identification (RFID) tracking and yield management equipment. RFID tracking systems are specifically designed for meat processing facilities, allowing for efficient asset tracing and identification. This is an important step for meat processors to ensure their products match regulations, are time and cost efficient, and remain disease-free. SCL Products are experts in yield management- their systems help clients quantify data that works to produce high-quality outcomes following the animals’ end of life. SCL Products was born out of parent company System Controls Limited, and benefits from a working relationship with directorate Calibre Limited. SCL Products states: “SCL understands that meat processing facilities vary considerably from plant to plant. SCL has the expertise to integrate systems regardless of their IT platform- RFID products allow for seamless integration with new or existing plants. As leaders in automation, SCL can take advantage of the traceability that RFID offers. Traceability is no longer a ‘buzz word’. It is being driven by today’s modern consumer and their demands to ensure the consumption of a quality product. It will become a regulatory requirement for meat exporting countries, especially those with recorded disease outbreaks in the past.” AT A GLANCE SCL PRODUCTS WHAT: Yield management and traceability systems supplier for the Australasian meat industry WHERE: SCL Products is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand Tech for Australasian Meats