Business View Oceania | August 2022

47 48 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8 ways to reduce our impact on the environment and incorporate sustainable land practices. Our supplying farms must demonstrate their environmental initiatives in order to continue their relationship with us, and we use our own farms as prime examples of best practice. Taking care of our waterways is vital for ensuring future generations can enjoy fresh, healthy water. As custodians of the land, we play an important role in protecting our waterways, preserving fresh water, and seeing the land thrive with birdlife and native aquatic species.” Waterways connected to Cabernet Foods are fenced for protection, supported by the planting of native New Zealand tree and wetland flora, regularly tested to monitor water health, and are free from the many environmental stressors caused by irrigation. The company also supports water conservation initiatives including the Wairarapa Water Scheme to protect and improve environmental infrastructures throughout the region and has set up their own forestry plantation in erosion-affected areas to offset their carbon footprint for years to come. Cabernet Foods has two primary meat processing facilities in New Zealand’s North Island; Wairarapa, which provides a central location for farms and suppliers, and Waikato, which specialises in the production of retail products and serves as an essential distribution centre for Auckland, Waikato, and the nearby Bay of Plenty. These facilities process, on average, up to 10 thousand cattle, 45 thousand pigs, 100 thousand sheep, and eight thousand goats annually. The future is always in mind for Cabernet Foods’ staff and stakeholders. Brian and Lyndon conclude with thanks to their team, their farms, and industry partners. “We are fortunate to work with a very passionate, hard-working, and skilled group of people. From our staff through to our farmers, everybody is dedicated to ensuring the welfare of our animals, the quality of our meats, and the sustainable future of our business. As we move into a new age of farming in New Zealand, Cabernet Foods will remain a leader in ethical practices; and it’s easy to see from our success that consumers are proud to support what we do. When you buy from Cabernet foods, you don’t have to go vegan to be a sustainable eater. We love being able to provide ethical consumers with the freedom and confidence to eat meat that they know has come from a low-stress environment in which they have thrived. We call our products Guilt-Free Meat for a reason- and they will stay that way as our industry continues to evolve.” CABERNET FOODS PREFERRED VENDORS/PARTNERS n KPMG New Zealand Operating rural business comes with unique challenges and opportunities, so when you need advice, you need KPMG’s On Farm Agribusiness specialists. We’ve partnered with rural businesses like Cabernet Foods for generations, providing support that’s backed by insights and powered by cutting-edge financial software. We Make Possible Happen. n Triton Commercial Systems Lyndon Everton, Director/Commercial Manager Brian Everton, Director/CEO