Business View Oceania | August 2022

9 10 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 8 V2i Group V 2i (Vision 2 Implementation) is Australia’s visionary player in the development and implementation of 3D visualisation as an essential planning, design, communication, and engagement tool across a wide range of global industries. Following their inception in 2002, V2i Group quickly forged an international reputation as a pioneer in master planning and urban design. Today, the company works to provide a range of technologies, products, and services centred around the power and potential of visual literacy for industry-related outcomes. Managing Director Luke Brannelly has over four decades of experience in master planning and urban design- a journey that began with his graduation from the University of Queensland in 1986. Mr. Brannelly shares, “As I worked in integrated resorts and lifestyle communities across Asia from the mid to late nineties, I realised that there were some pretty significant obstacles working against our global collaborations, namely language and technical knowledge barriers that were impeding our ability to communicate. So, rather than waste time sending out drawings and reports that often required third parties to understand, we began to develop and use 3D animation and visualisation tools to communicate our ideas. When we started to see the results of this in action, it was obvious that the new approach was far more effective than what we’d been doing traditionally. AT A GLANCE V2I GROUP WHAT: Digital communicators using technology to reimagine project management WHERE: V2i Group is headquartered on the Gold Coast, Australia WEBSITE: CREATING COMMON VISUAL LANGUAGES