Business View Oceania | Volume 3, Issue 12

17 18 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 3, ISSUE 12 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 3, ISSUE 12 AT A GLANCE NEW ZEALAND CRUISE ASSOCIATION (NZCA) WHAT: Peak body organisation supporting the New Zealand cruise sector WHERE: NZCA is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand WEBSITE: NewZealandCruiseAssociation (NZCA) T he New Zealand Cruise Association (NZCA) has been the peak industry body and leading voice of New Zealand’s cruise sector since 1994. Originally founded to bring together cruise lines, ports, and key industry stakeholders to help develop infrastructure, advocate at a government level, and provide a collective voice for the industry to promote, encourage, and establish New Zealand as the cruise destination of choice for the South Pacific region. The association continues to lead a positive, proactive, and operationally sound cruise community across New Zealand, providing insight into industry areas of note including progressive leadership, global trends, operational and infrastructural facilitation, sustainable best practice, and collaborative development. NZCA members benefit from a comprehensive support model that facilitates and maximises growth in New Zealand’s cruise sector through HeWakaEkeNoa “We areAll inThisCanoeTogether”