Business View Oceania | January 2020

1 2 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA JANUARY 2020 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA JANUARY 2020 FROM THE EDI TOR Editor-in-Chief Lorie Lee Steiner Research Director David Saldana Creative Director Todd Calfee Production Manager Jon Bartlow Vice President of Production Aimy McGrew Vice President of Administration Alyson Casey Executive Vice President Kevin Reid Managing Director Shane Link CGO Alexander Wynne-Jones Executive Publisher / CEO Marcus VandenBrink USA Canada Caribbean Oceania Email for all inquiries: WWW. BUSINESSVIEWOCEANIA .COM 12559 New Brittany Blvd Fort Myers, FL 33907 239.220.5554 CONTACT US Welcome to our latest edition of Business View Oceania. We head into the new year with a focus on Building – business building, home building, community building. There is a certain strength inherent in a new build, a sense of accomplishment and growth. Perhaps, for some, a dream come true. But the truth is that none of it comes without the long hours and dedication of people working together. Teamwork. That’s what we celebrate and salute in our latest issue. Let’s start with the Construction industry, where we bring you exclusive updates and insights from the Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) and New Zealand Certified Builders (NZCB). Despite the inevitable regulatory challenges coming down the pipe, you’ll discover there is a strong spirit of innovation fueling the building sector; a trait that is exemplified by Barrett Homes in their unusual and very effective ‘non-franchise’ business model. Not to mention the beautiful homes in their portfolio. Speaking of challenges …There’s no doubt that Farming is an increasingly challenging way to make a living. Yet, while it’s impossible to control variables like the weather, having a trusted agricultural equipment provider on your side can make all the difference between struggle and success. Family-owned Agg-Tech Machinery is just that partner. In the Transportation sector, Brianna Tilt Trays & Towing is getting noticed in Tasmania. When you see that big brilliant yellow vehicle on the road, you know Brianna is on the job, taking care of business for somebody in need. In New Zealand, we visit six remarkable facilities where a different kind of need is being satisfied. Community Trusts throughout the country are building communities of care that bring together the elderly, the children and volunteers of every age and skill level. Even pets get involved! Retirement villages and rest homes are abuzz with activities that stimulate and delight the residents. And none of it would be possible without the amazing, selfless contributions of a caring staff. As I said at the beginning –Teamwork. Enjoy the read! COVER BARRETT HOMES 1 FROM THE EDITOR 3 OPENING LINES 11 NEW ZEALAND CERTIFIED BUILDERS (NZCB) Promoting excellence 21 HOUSING INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION LTD. (HIA) A united voice for advocacy 29 BARRETT HOMES Making things happen 41 AGG-TECH MACHINERY Family-owned excellence 51 BRIANNA TILT TRAYS & TOWING PTY LTD Getting noticed in Tasmania 63 THE RETIREMENT VILLAGES ASSOCIATION OF NEW ZEALAND Retirement village development contributes to the country’s GDP 71 GLENWOOD HOME “Celebrating Life” since 1964 85 PARKWOOD RETIREMENT VILLAGE & LODGE 71 GLENWOOD HOME J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 0 CONTENTS Lorie Lee Steiner Editor-in-Chief Dear 2020, please give us a break. We’ve begun a new year and a new decade in the midst of economic, political and unprecedented environmental turmoil. Catastrophic natural and man-made disasters are scarring the planet, hearts are broken, destruction is widespread. Close to home, one of the most devastating events #AustraliaBushfires is trending at a fever pace on social networks. In real life, the horror is unimaginable. You don’t need me to quote the stats here. They are readily available through Google … everyone sees, everyone knows, but what can we do? Hug your loved ones, be kind to each other, and please give what you can. The following reputable agencies will accept your monetary donation and put it to good use, where it’s most needed. Thank you. PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING 79 KIMIHIA HOME & HOSPITAL “Your home away from home” 85 PARKWOOD RETIREMENT VILLAGE & LODGE The benefits of community 93 WEST OTAGO HEALTH LTD (RIBBONWOOD COUNTRY HOME ) Where everyone is special 101 WINDSORCARE All about holistic wellbeing 107 WYNDHAM AND DISTRICTS COMMUNITY REST HOME Everything’s coming up roses