Business View Oceania | January 2020

101 102 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA JANUARY 2020 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA JANUARY 2020 WINDSOR CARE All about holistic wellbeing I n the 1950s, Christchurch, New Zealand was in step with the rest of the world, seriously contemplating the growing need for aged care and how to provide for its elderly citizens. With that in mind, a notable Christchurch businessman, Ernest Adams, donated land to the community for the building of an aged care facility to service the local population. Originally called Windsor House, the campus and the organisation evolved over time into WINDSORCARE that today encompasses 49 independent cottages as well as the main building, which houses 80 residents at hospital and rest home level care and features a Specialised Care Unit for residents with dementia. The care facility is a modern two-story building surrounded by beautiful gardens that impart a calming influence in the heart of a busy suburb. On the upper floor are 40 hospital beds while the ground floor hosts the 20-bed dementia wing and 20 rest home beds as well as the services area. Each resident in the facility has a larger than average single room with ensuite. In essence, WINDSORCARE provides a well-rounded environment where residents are perfectly safe, both physically and emotionally, in the hands of highly trained staff. Business View Oceania spoke with Dr. Warren Smith, General Manager of WINDSORCARE, about the evolution of the facility, the biggest challenges on the horizon, and the unique philosophy of care that he brings to the organisation. The following is an edited transcript of the conversation. BVO: What goals have been achieved since you came to WINDSORCARE in 2015? Smith: “Aged care is a vibrant space where new impulses and understanding of the ageing paradigm confront and challenge us to adapt and grow as a group of staff each and every day. As a consequence, I’ve been very careful not to get caught up in big visions right from the beginning, but to remain flexible in an ever changing aged care landscape so that our wider AT A GLANCE WINDSORCARE WHAT: A non-profit community trust retirement village and rest home facilities WHERE: Shirley, Christchurch WEBSITE: