Business View Oceania | January 2020

111 112 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA JANUARY 2020 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA JANUARY 2020 WYNDHAM AND DI STR I CTS COMMUNI TY REST HOME very passionate eleven-year-old boy put in an astounding 78 hours – volunteering every night after school, assisting with serving afternoon tea, meals and talking to the residents. He also did his own fundraisers and donated a substantial amount of money to the rest home for our Residents. As for technology, who says the elderly are challenged? As Sinclair recounts, “When I came here, the ASB Bank presented us with five laptops that they were no longer using. At the time, we got students from the local secondary school, Menzies College, to come and work with our residents. They taught them to play computer games, and how to email so they could contact family overseas. That introduction of technology was just great. We have one gentleman who is 102 that still has his computer and works with it all the time.” The Home has recently purchased a second van with a wheelchair lift in it, so now they can take some residents, who are better off in a wheelchair for activities, out for a drive. That was events. Over the years, the money raised has helped pay for loungers, bookcases and equipment that would not have been affordable, otherwise. Sinclair notes, “We only have two beds in the rest home now that are not electric, thanks to those extra funds and grants I’ve applied for over the past five years. A grant also paid for a sit-to-stand hoist to assist with manoeuvring people when they can’t stand. This helps both the residents and my staff. I have 25 to 28 staff members, including kitchen, housekeeping, carers, RNs, and my administrator and I value every one of them. Some of them are part- time permanent, some are casual, but it’s really important to look after all of them because it can be an emotional place to work and they go through everything alongside our Residents and their families.” During school holidays, children love coming into the Home. They mix in and play games with the residents and share their time. One made possible by money raised at Gala Days and through funds from the community. On Sinclair’s wish list for the future would be “building of an extension to the Home and a big conservatory, because down in Southland there are constraints with weather. We have beautiful green grass but we do have a good amount of rain. The other thing on the wish list would be to incorporate a couple of standalone units right here on the property, for those people that can still manage to live in a wee unit but have the support of a rest home next door, whether it be for meals or health issues.” Unfortunately, small rest homes throughout New Zealand are struggling with increased financial constraints and expectations. And many have closed. Sinclair acknowledges, “Our residents are more acute than they were 10 years ago because they’re coming in later in life. It’s lovely for people to stay in their homes but a lot of them don’t want to, they really want to come into the home. We believe it’s all about looking at people holistically, for their benefit. Our ongoing goal is to continue to have full occupancy here. To continue the best care for the health and wellbeing of our residents. We are so blessed to be in this wonderful rural community.” WWW.JDSOUNESS.CO.NZ 0800 469278 31-35 JAMES ST, BALCLUTHA 9230, NEW ZEALAND SPECIALISING IN BULK CARTAGE & SKIP BIN HIRE PREFERRED VENDOR n JD Souness Ltd