Business View Oceania | February 2021

17 18 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA FEBRUARY 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA FEBRUARY 2021 T he Frame & Truss Manufacturers’ Association of New Zealand (FTMA) was established in 1997 in order to better coordinate and represent this industry sector with government and related building industry interests, as well as establishing consistent industry standards in a time that was experiencing a lot of change and erosion of trust in timber- based building. In New Zealand over 95% of residential buildings are constructed using prefabricated frames and trusses. Currently the FTMA represents over 80 of approximately 90 frame and truss manufacturing sites in New Zealand. In addition to the frame and truss fabricators, we also have a number of industry and associate members including our key partners such as the two main nail plate and design software providers, Mitek and Pryda. Timber and wood product suppliers, building and related materials suppliers, along with related equipment providers are also important partners helping to support and guide the Association. The FTMA in New Zealand is governed by a board comprising up to 12 members including FRAME & TRUSS MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION OFNEWZEALAND AT A GLANCE FRAME & TRUSS MANUFACTURERS’ ASSOCIATION OF NEW ZEALAND WHAT: Industry association representing prefabricated timber framing manufacturers in NZ WHERE: Auckland, New Zealand WEBSITE: Why ‘Wood’ you use anything else?