Business View Oceania | Volume 4, Issue 2

55 56 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 2 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 2 T echPlas is an Australian-owned and operated manufacturing specialist that has built their renowned reputation for responsiveness, transparency, and a proactive approach over the course of nearly four decades. Established in 1985 to provide a trusted local manufacturer of quality products, the company has more recently evolved to increase their focus on innovation and the new product solutions it provides. Senior management places emphasis on the importance of trusted business relationships and industry-wide goals, citing mutually beneficial, value-focused client partnerships, some of which have remained strong for more than 30 years. TechPlas manufactures and supplies standard extrusions, custom extrusions, and innovative proprietary products. Standard extrusion profiles are suitable for use in a range of areas across the building industry, and include cool room products, building profiles, and custom piping and drainage. Custom extrusions are created with the support of TechPlas’ in house design and engineering capabilities, catering to specifications across colour and formulation control, post-processing value additions, recycled PVC utilisation, antistatic properties, FEA for structural profile design, and flexibility to service small technical to large structural profile designs. TechPlas has also used their decades of experience to design and manufacture their own range of proprietary products, including TechBoard (scaffold planks and accessories), PolyPost (recycled PVC star-pickets), Traffic management solutions (barrier boards, guide posts, etc), load restraint angles, PVC storage hooks, electrical pull-through cable snakes, and even products that glow in the dark. Senior representatives Mark Pettit (General Manager) and Andrew Swann (Research and Development Manager) share their insight into TechPlas’ work. Mr. Swann begins, “We are a very personally focused business-to-business company. Our team has learned a lot since our beginnings and experienced massive growth in numbers and expertise. We’ve migrated to larger, more complex custom extrusions. We specialise AT A GLANCE TECHPLAS WHAT: Manufacturer of custom extrusions, specialty pipes, and innovative plastic product solutions WHERE: TechPlas is headquartered in Sydney, Australia WEBSITE: TECHPLAS Smart People doing Smart Things with Plastics