Business View Oceania | Volume 4, Issue 2

67 68 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 2 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 2 it’s only worth doing if we can compete with the best. This relentless ambition has guided our every effort for the past 33 years and continues to serve as our strategic North Star. In every endeavour, our goal is always to become industry leaders and set new benchmarks. We believe leadership is both an organisational goal and a permanent driver for excellence.” Pacfic Plas is comprised of six major companies: Primaplas (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore), Bukitmega Masabadi (Indonesia), CL Materials Trading (Malaysia), Mega Polymer (Thailand), Mega Resources (Thailand) and Mega Vina (Vietnam). Primaplas is also a member of Vinyl Council Australia (VCA), Plastics Industry Pipe Association (PIPA), and is an Australia Trusted Trader under the international AEO and trade facilitation for trusted import, export, logistics, customs, brokerage, and transport providers. The company has also pledged its support to Operation Clean Sweep, which educates stakeholders on reducing resin loss and spillage, and containing loss to avoid it flowing into waterways. Primaplas’ team of 30 prides themselves on their customer service, adopting a proactive and collaborative approach to reach desired client outcomes in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Mr. Rachmat shares, “The greatest value we deliver is peace of mind. Our clients know we are their partner, not just their supplier. We keep the plastic ecosystem working positively, provide insight into market trends, respond quickly to challenges, and use our global network to access highly advanced technologies that work for our clients. And our staff are all specialists in their field; they know the plastics space like the back of their hand, and it is that expertise that allows our customers to have full confidence in our ability to support them.” Primaplas operates via a set of six comprehensive values: Honest (honest advice to fit specific needs), Trusted (only trusted products from leading manufacturers), Dedicated (becoming part of your team to help get the job done), Responsive (agile support to anticipate and overcome challenges), Committed (always on your side and rooting for your success), and Focused (experts helping you to navigate the industry). Primaplas has hopes to further develop its capacity to invest in tracking and logistics technologies that will allow customers to plan their calendar around specific and accurate transport information. Sustainability will continue to be a huge part of what the company does, particularly in their support of future plastics research and development. Mr. Rachmat concludes, “We will keep looking for opportunities to participate in this movement and contribute to innovation wherever we can. Sustainability is the point of business now. It’s important for everybody. So whether we can help in terms of technology, investment, expertise, or ideas of our own, we are determined to stay on our toes and keep the ball rolling in that space.” PR IMAPLAS PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n Primaplas Pty Ltd Primplas- your partner in plastics We keep the plastics ecosystem working. Primaplas is a one-stop solution for resin and film distribution across Asia-Pacific. We provide value through industry insights and unique market access, for greater peace of mind. Stuart Cundy and Chris Hogg from Primaplas New Zealand Dis- playing Products Made Out Of Recycled PP Resin Material Bubble Wrap Made from BIO-PBS. Product made out of Non-Fossil Fuel (Plant Based) - Verliana Susilo Primaplas Australia