Business View Oceania | February 2020

37 38 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA FEBRUARY 2020 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA FEBRUARY 2020 ANDERSENS FLOOR COVER INGS 170 in all, with about 20 of them supplying 80 percent of our stock in trade. We have a very strong working relationship with that core nucleus and my instinct is that they’re in for a terrific ride with us. Our strategy is to be Australia’s premier flooring company. That’s a pretty lofty goal for a Queensland and northern New South Wales based group, but we see fantastic expansion opportunities throughout New South Wales and Victoria over the next two years. We already have a plan to open and convert franchises through that inland channel.” The other growth lever for the company is a purposeful return to its country town roots in terms of service and branding, with employees now sporting a new uniform design at all stores. Another innovation is the addition of an online rug store onto the Andersens website, where customers can choose from thousands of rugs, have their purchase delivered and it’s still covered by the 100 Day Peace of Mind warranty. stores, but additionally when we’re recruiting franchisees. But even more so, when we’re contracting installers. In Australia, there is an extreme shortage of qualified flooring installers. As a result, they have the privilege of picking and choosing the work, at very high rates. That’s not to say it’s easy, it’s hard physical labour and they earn every cent. But because there is a shortage they have the choice whether to work for you or a rival. The majority of our stores have no issue with labour because we treat our installers as part of the team – whether they’re a contractor or an employee. The management of that relationship is at a real premium and we do it very well.” Andersens also values the relationship with their creative agency and media buyer, The Library. The agency is responsible for translating the Andersens brand into a marketing strategy; getting the mix right between traditional media and the digital landscape. “The other unsung heroes are our suppliers,” says Hodge. “We have