Business View Oceania | February 2020

63 64 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA FEBRUARY 2020 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA FEBRUARY 2020 APEX ENERGY AUSTRAL I A Apex Energy Australia around the solar industry to provide solutions to people’s power needs. Those issues mainly revolve around two things; 1. rising electricity prices and 2. unreliable or no electricity supply. Today, Apex Energy is busy with remote, off-grid designs and construction in a niche market where companies are looking for power in a remote area currently serviced by the power grid or where companies are looking to reduce their operational expense by substituting a generator for solar and battery storage solution. Apex Energy will provide companies with a design that best fits their needs. In a remote solution, Apex Energy will provide a containerised solution built offsite to provide a better cost-effective solution. Most recently, the team has been building out in the Cooper Basin. They accomplished all the pre-staging in the workshop, built up the containers and completed Factory Acceptance Testing, effectively cutting installation time on the site in half. It’s a smart approach of manufacturing; getting all the hard work done in a controlled environment and then performing a plug and play approach onsite. Apex Energy primarily works in outback Queensland and outback South Australia, with a small amount in the Northern Territory. According to Stallan, “We spec various products and brands in our designs to suit the application. It could be lithium, super caps, or something else, but generally that application will be suitable to the load for the customer’s requirement. We have a wide selection of products and brands available to us, which provide greater flexibility in design. Santos natural gas company has been a great supporter to both Apex Energy and Apex Communications over the years. We work directly and indirectly for them – they are a great organisation and we are very grateful for all they’ve done for us.” Falling solar prices have noticeably improved