Business View Oceania | January 2021

1 2 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA JANUARY 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA JANUARY 2021 27 SPANTEC SYSTEMS PTY LTD EDI TOR ’ S NOTES Editor in Chief Lorie Lee Steiner ResearchDirectors Thomas Hiley David Saldana Director of Production Vicki Lewis Digital Strategist Jon Bartlow Director of Administration Amanda Scott Creative Director Todd Calfee Vice President of Business Development Matthew Mitchell CGO Alexander Wynne-Jones Executive Publisher / CEO Marcus VandenBrink USA Canada Caribbean Oceania Email for all inquiries: WWW. BUSINESSVIEWOCEANIA .COM 2422 Palm Ridge Road, Suite 820 Sanibel FL, 33957 239.220.5554 CONTACT US Happy New Year! It’s official, 2021 is here… time to put the past in the past and start with a fresh perspective. Easier said than done? Perhaps. It’s so tempting to imagine the economic and emotional turmoil of the last 12 months simply vanishing with the turn of a calendar page. In truth, we’re not out of the woods yet, but there is certainly much to be positive about. And valuable lessons learned during the pandemic are fuelling growth and optimism for the future. In the last few weeks, I’ve spoken with a wealth of business executives, association representatives, and entrepreneurs throughout Australia and New Zealand and recognized a common thread coming through our conversations. Let’s call it the “silver lining legacy” of 2020. The feeling across the board that good things have emerged from the chaos – surprising growth has occurred in manufacturing, logistics, ecommerce, technology, financial, healthcare, and construction sectors. The pivot to virtual meetings and a remote workforce hasn’t slowed business down; in many cases it has created efficiencies, cost-savings, better communication, and consumer confidence that, yes, we are able to adapt and conquer. And for every small business that’s struggling, there are others who are stepping up and asking, “How can we help?” It’s so rewarding for us at Business View Oceania to be able to share those tales of teamwork and tenacity. Of empathy, creativity, and just plain hard work. In this January edition, we shine the spotlight on three exceptional companies that are making a difference in their local and regional areas, as well as nationally and internationally. Australian owned and operated IDEAL Fasteners is a leading manufacturer and innovator of self-drilling screws and other patented products that started in 1992, and carries on a proud family legacy in the fastenings business dating back to 1917. Secrets to their success: Developing strong customer relationships based on mutual trust – and a focus on designing new revolutionary products. The spirit of innovation continues with Spantec Systems, pioneers of a lightweight steel beam that became the foundation for an ‘easy’ building system that’s gaining popularity throughout Australia. Of note, they’re making great inroads in developing standards through the National Steel- framed Housing Association (NASH) for home construction in bushfire prone areas using non-flammable components. And R&D is always top of mind at family-owned New Zealand-based Uroxsys Ltd.– the go-to company for large multinationals looking for solutions in the coatings industry. Uroxsys’ specialty is its unique ability to develop and manufacture high- performance products and systems using epoxy and polyurethane technology. The company’s belief: “Once you convert people to the benefits of changing the traditional way for something that performs a lot better, you’ve got products that really sell themselves.” As we head into this new year, let’s move forward with positive momentum and not be afraid to embrace the wisdom of uncertainty. By all means have a well-conceived strategy, a focus, a plan but when the inevitable stumbling blocks appear on the path, we know now that there will be a silver lining and we aren’t alone on the journey. Be well my friends, and enjoy the read. COVER IDEAL FASTENERS PTY LTD 1 EDITOR’S NOTES 3 OPENING LINES CONSTRUCTION VIEW 19 IDEAL FASTENERS PTY LTD Innovation and excellence 27 SPANTEC SYSTEMS PTY LTD Making building easy MANUFACTURING VIEW 39 UROXSYS LTD World-class coatings and adhesives solutions 39 UROXSYS LTD J A N U A R Y 2 0 2 1 CONTENTS Lorie Lee Steiner Editor-in-Chief