Business View Oceania | January 2021

23 24 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA JANUARY 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA JANUARY 2021 IDEAL FASTENERS PTY LTD from me and that my reputation would have suffered as a result. “The most significant aspect in terms of my mindset when starting IDEAL Fasteners in August 1992 was my concern for my reputation with my customers and in the industry, and the damage it could sustain if I remained with my then employer. “When starting IDEAL Fasteners, the market niche we sought to fill was to provide the level of service and product quality previously offered by W.A Deutsher but with a family culture and a value for money pricing strategy to our customers, rather than the profit maximisation strategy so often adopted by companies operating as a monopoly. When I first started in the industry in the 1970s, and being a boy from the bush, I believed in supporting regional Australia, which was at that time pretty much ignored in favour of metropolitan markets. Over the years whilst working for other companies I had developed and maintained strong relationships with regional customers based on mutual trust. Such is the case with all our customers today regardless of the size, location or dollar value to IDEAL Fasteners.” Investing in Innovation “The 2000s saw the arrival in the market of low price, substandard, low quality products and although there are always those who buy on price, IDEAL Fasteners continued to grow in size and reputation. Our strategy in the face of this low-price competition was to concentrate even more so on our commitment to providing the highest possible quality of our products and service at a fair price, which led to our significant investment in our state-of-the-art laboratory. This laboratory has assisted us with the development of many innovative products for the building industry including patented inventions such as our BulletS™, PolyMates™, GrubMates® and Self-Drilling Bolt Tensioner® system – all of which were specifically developed to overcome problems and provide improved efficiency, safety and profitability for the steel frame housing and associated industries. “Our laboratory is frequently involved with the testing of applications for our customers within the steel framing industry and the provision of reports on the strength of connections using our Back Row: Ben Deutscher (Son), Operations Manager; Neville Deutscher, Managing Director; Josh Deutscher (Son), Quality Assurance Manager Front Row: Stefanie Deutscher (Daughter), Human Relations & Administration Manager; Diane Deutscher (Wife & Mother) Chief Financial Officer Melbourne 10-12 Ausco Place, Dandenong South, Vic, 3175 Ph: (03) 9799 9744 Fax: (03) 9799 9755 E: Brisbane 184 Kerry Road, Archerfield, Qld, 4108 Ph: (07) 3275 1900 Fax: (07) 3275 1988 E: Outside Vic & Qld Area Codes Ph: 1300 855 268 Fax: (03) 9799 9755 E: Supplying Australia with a wide range of Building & Construction Fasteners and Accessories. Self-Drilling Bolt SBD Tensioner System Position System Drive Self-Drilling Bolt Job Done Faster tensioning with a lot less stress thanks to IDEAL Fasteners latest innovation for steel framing The Self-Drilling Bolt Tensioner System is designed for use with unpunched strap and eliminates the need to pre-drill or punch holes. It self-drills through the bracing strap and mates directly into the threaded nut encapsulated in the bracket. The unique, IDEAL Pilot Point technology automatically ensures the self-alignment of the bolt and nut which means that assembly is extremely fast and easy whilst cross threading is eliminated. No more product wastage due to damaged threads with the added benefit that bolt and nut alignment for the installer is frustration free. The Self-Drilling Bolt Tensioners are installed in a single operation with installation taking less than 1/2 the time of other tensioners. Can be driven with either a standard 5/16" Hex or #2 Phillips driver. The convex washer gives greater bearing area with no damage to the strap ensuring its structural integrity is maintained. The system can be easily removed and re-used if adjustments are required and can also be used in the hole in punched bracing strap with all the same benefits. Time and labour savings from the faster, easier, single operation installation with no thread damage, product wastage nor installer frustration is complemented by the use of the more cost efficient unpunched bracing strap. The patented Self-Drilling Bolt Tensioner System is a win-win for the steel frame builder or anyone building with bracing strap. Building & Construction Fasteners and Accessories Patent Applied