Business View Oceania | January 2021

31 32 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA JANUARY 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA JANUARY 2021 pier heads and bases, they believe that with Ezipier, they’ve developed the most efficient, simple to use and simple to manufacture adjustable system on the market in Australia. The company’s tagline of “making building easy” is evident in every aspect of what they do. Beaumont acknowledges, “We know that there’s a deskilling of workforces onsite and it’s very expensive, so our aim is to make it as quick and easy as possible to get a project assembled onsite. It’s a little like a Meccano set, in that everything is cut to length in accordance with a full set of design drawings. The holes are punched where brackets go and there are labels printed on the beam to show where to put the brackets, where to put the beams, so it’s a very simple to use system. We give people all the drawings, but what we want them to do is basically lay out the main beams and then read the information on the beams to help them assemble the product.” The Spantec system has been a big step up in the ease for the average construction worker. The SPANTEC SYSTEMS PTY LTD Eastcoast Fasteners (ECF) is highly regarded as a go-to supplier of premium quality industrial fasteners for the manufacturing, engineering, construction, building and mining sectors across Australia. An independent, 100 percent Australian-owned business, ECF has a proven track record of excellence earned over 20 years in the fasteners industry. Why ECF? Our experienced customer service personnel are dedicated to delivering superior service, technical advice and on-site support. We sell only premium grade products – safety tested and guaranteed to Australian and international standards. We can supply special custom-made fasteners made to your specification in a variety of grades, materials and coatings. Our extensive range of industrial fasteners for virtually every application are in stock for immediate dispatch. Place your order by phone with a customer service representative, by fax 24/7 or online. Our shipments are delivered promptly and safely, so you can complete your order quickly and add value to your customer solution. Every year, ECF supplies millions of fasteners to small, medium and large businesses across Australia. Our team of professionals brings more than 40 years of technical knowledge and genuine service to every customer relationship. In the end, the number that matters most to ECF is the one customer we are dealing with at the time. That’s you. ...... For more information, please visit our website Beaumont admits, “That machine has been our biggest challenge. As far as we know, there aren’t any fully-automated, parallel chord truss machines or processors in the world. We’re very close to final commissioning our machine that automatically builds a beam out of all the components without labour. Generally speaking, there are three or four people manufacturing a beam and we believe we can do that with one person and have three to four times the output, as well. That’s quite a complex process – a six-year project – but we’re very close to completing it and we believe it has great potential. The steel framing industry, sometimes unfairly, receives flack about squeaks but there is more potential where screws are not fixed properly. Whereas if they’re done robotically, you can be certain there’s repetition in the manner of fixing.” Spantec’s other products are associated with ground floors. After dismissing many other bracing systems on the market, they developed Ezibrace – which Beaumont states is the easiest brace to use. And after dealing with a number of iterations of EASTCOAST FASTENERS PTY LTD Unit 38, 1 Cowpasture Place, Wetherill Park, NSW 2164 PO Box 6263 Wetherill Park, NSW 2164 T 02 9756 4844 F 02 9756 4848 E AUSTRALIA’S LARGEST SUPPLIER OF PROFAST FREE CALL 1800 236 801 SUPPLIERS OF PREMIUM QUALITY INDUSTRIAL FASTENERS Fasteners supplied by ECF feature in countless industrial applications across Australia. ECF is quickly becoming the fastener supplier of choice for customers in manufacturing, engineering, construction, building and mining, du to ECF’s extensive range, excellent quality control, fast delivery, competitive prices and sophisticated cu tomer service. ECF is an independent, 100% Australian-owned business, with a proven track record in the fasteners industry and results far ahead of what other suppliers can achieve. SERVICE & EXPERT ADVICE Our experienced customer service personnel offer technical advice and on-site support and are dedicated to delivering an efficient experience, online or in person.