Business View Oceania | Volume 4, Issue 1

11 12 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 1 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 1 B ioMelbourne Network was established in 2001 to support Victoria as a leading research hub for Australia and ensure the continued development of expertise and commercial opportunity in the region. The organisation works to connect members with appropriate industry suppliers, stakeholders, and commercial partners, to foster the continue development and growth of research, innovation, commercialisation, and manufacturing within its sector. BioMelbourne Network is proudly led and funded by its membership base and networking efforts, and currently stands as the peak body for Victoria’s Health Technology (Healthtech) industry. BioMelbourne Network supports over 200 individuals and member organisations of all sizes, including universities, researchers, manufacturers, and providers of services that support commercialisation, product design and development, intellectual property, and legal support. The association is spread across Victoria’s Healthtech, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and health innovation sectors, and identifies five core principles through which they deliver opportunity to their members. They are: Data and insights (sourcing, developing, and distributing valuable data and insights to the industry and the Victorian Government concerning the sector’s potential, priorities, and needs), Identifying opportunities BioMelbourne Network Progressing BioIndustry AT A GLANCE BIOMELBOURNE NETWORK WHAT: Association representing the interest of members with Victoria’s Healthtech sector WHERE: BioMelbourne Network is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia WEBSITE: