Business View Oceania | Volume 4, Issue 1

43 44 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 1 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 4, ISSUE 1 Midway Ltd (Midway) M idway Ltd (Midway) are Australia’s largest high-quality woodfibre processer and exporter. Founded in 1984 to minimise and monetise waste produced on traditional forestry and timber processing sites, Midway is committed to environmental, cultural, social, and economic sustainability. The company seeks to use global trade opportunities to generate high and consistent returns for stakeholders, support the Australian economy, and solidify environmental best practices alongside sustainably managed forests. In the 38 years since their founding, the company has set up and maintained a plethora of plantation, processing, and logistics branches throughout Australia- managing over 60,000 hectares of plantation estate. Experience and regional spread allow Midway to manage Plantation Softwood, Plantation Hardwood, and mixed species Hardwood forests efficiently with ease, covering land selection, establishment, and maintenance through to harvest, processing, and distribution. Plantations are managed directly by Midway, and through its subsidiary, Plantation AT A GLANCE MIDWAY LTD (MIDWAY) WHAT: Processor and exporter of quality Australian woodfibre products WHERE: Midway is headquartered in Sydney, Australia WEBSITE: World Class Woodfibre