Business View Oceania | Volume 3, Issue 7

27 28 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 3, ISSUE 7 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 3, ISSUE 7 across an incredible range of industries. As Pollock explains, “We have major healthcare clients including hospitals, we have federal, state and local governments, defence, and corporates from blue-chip companies all the way down to retail chains. Our clients are very diverse. And it’s a major strength for us that we have very long relationships with our clients, some of which go back for 40 years.” As well as retaining clients for up to four decades, ServiceFM has relationships with multiple long-term business partners, including Bentleys, chartered accountants and business advisors. Pollock says, “We enjoy a strategic partnership with Bentleys, calling on their expertise to help us make important financial and corporate decisions when required – it’s a close relationship and has really allowed us to forge ahead with our business transformation over the past year.” In a story similar to businesses around the globe, ServiceFM reports that significant technological innovation was vital to their continued growth and ability to support clients amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With compliance and regulations surrounding COVID-19 procedures ever- increasing, ServiceFM decided to use real-time monitoring data across their systems to ensure clients were confident in their ability to meet requirements and legislation. Aligning with the company’s motto, “Everything’s Connected”, staff tracking, transparency of operations and digital monitoring continue to be a crucial part of ServiceFM’s current development. Considered to be an essential service during the pandemic, particularly in cleaning and infection control, ServiceFM has been proud to be a part of reducing COVID-19’s impact on Australia. In an impressive statistic, ServiceFM reports that not a single staff member has contracted COVID-19 to date, despite being in direct contact with quarantine hotels and other high-risk areas. Pollock speaks of the pride ServiceFM feels about playing their part in controlling the pandemic. “We had a nursing home that had 77 reported cases of COVID. Three weeks after the government called us in, we were down to zero cases.” ServiceFM has also assisted in providing vital supplies around the country, including face masks, PPE and essential chemical solutions. Throughout the management of COVID-19, staff protection has been at the forefront of senior members’ minds. Implementing complex staff health and safety procedures, as well as initiatives surrounding staff wellbeing, was something that came quite naturally to ServiceFM. Pollock reports, “We were very lucky that we did research prior to the pandemic in infection control, so when the event happened, we were able to react quickly and efficiently with the proper workplace procedures. We knew how to protect our staff because we already had a lot of insight. We were also already deployed SERV I CEFM Executive Director Mauro Viola