Business View Oceania | May 2021

21 22 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA MAY 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA MAY 2021 Nick notes, “Being part of the Phosphate Resources group does offer an advantage to the business. Having, for example, the backing of an entire mining operation that has access to resources in the trades – heavy machinery operators, engineers – it gives CIMS some additional firepower to be able to offer additional services.” Looking to what they’d like to achieve in the next three to five years, Dayle shares, “For CIMS, it’s all about creating a business that’s sustainable into the future. In particular, retaining Commonwealth contracts but ensuring that there’s also the opportunity to grow outside of those contracts. Like any other business, creating a sustainable base for the island and local jobs is probably the most challenging and important part, going forward.” Nick concurs, saying, “It’s about sustainability of the business and I think the way we do that is by training the younger generation and the local workforce and bringing skills in-house, so we’re less reliant on labour from the mainland. Our advantage is that we are based on Christmas Island and so the more services we can provide in-house, the stronger chance we have of sustaining the business for the long term.” “Our aim” adds Dayle, “Is to be seen as a provider of choice in the region, and to grow the business into other remote locations. Christmas Island has a population of approximately 1200, of which PRL employs directly about 220, including 64 people at CIMS. The PRL group’s, direct and indirect employment accounts for almost 50 percent of the Island’s workforce and a staggering 49 percent of its Gross Regional Product (GRP), thus a significant part of the economy. It’s not just important for PRL and CIMS, but for the entire economy and a future for the community of Christmas Island.” C . I . MA INTENANCE SERV I CES PREFERRED VENDORS/PARTNERS n Carrier Australia At Carrier, we are one of the experts in HVAC– and we have a history to substantiate it. Established since 1932, Carrier Australia builds on the legacy of Willis Carrier, the founder of modern air conditioning. Today, this legacy and expertise enables us to deliver superior service & solution offerings for your HVAC systems. As one of the world leaders in HVAC systems, we integrate our products and services to offer “turn-key” building solutions.