Business View Oceania | May 2021

23 24 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA MAY 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA MAY 2021 “Long and proud service” is a fitting description for Fire Equipment Services (FES), which has been operational for a remarkable 119 years. Established as the ‘Special Services’ division of the former Metropolitan Fire Brigade (now Fire Rescue Victoria) in 1902, FES has evolved from what was initially a fire safety service conducted by firefighters to the sophisticated division it is today. The evolution of FES, particularly over the last 20 years, has resulted in a more holistic fire services organisation providing a wide-ranging suite of specialised services for building owners and facility managers that include: Inspection and servicing of First Attack Fire Equipment (extinguishers, hydrants, hoses, hose reels, etc.), installation and maintenance of Active Fire Systems (detectors, alarms, fire indicator panels, evacuation warning systems, sprinklers, fire pumps, etc.), reporting and advice on Passive Fire Systems (building fire integrity, fire doors, AT A GLANCE FIRE EQUIPMENT SERVICES (FES) WHAT: Fire and emergency management services company WHERE: Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia WEBSITE: Fire Equipment Services (FES) A Proud Fire Safety Legacy