Business View Oceania | May 2021

25 26 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA MAY 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA MAY 2021 +61 3 9786 8280 B SHORE Your Business is Compliant with Government Regulations ROUTINE MAINTENANCE | DIAGNOSTIC TESTING | INDEPENDENT FIRE INSPECTIONS | CONSULTING Fire Hydrant and Hose Reel Testing Specialists Our vision is to be the most trusted, service-orientated fire hydrant and hose reel tester in Victoria, Australia. F I RE EQUI PMENT SERV I CES ( FES) etc.), assessment and provision of Essential Safety Measures (exit and emergency lighting, means of egress, etc.), instruction in Emergency Training (initial response, fire warden, etc.) and delivery of Emergency Management (emergency procedures, evacuation diagrams, evacuation drills, consulting, etc.). Stuart Yarnall, Director and General Manager at FES, offers more insight into this fascinating Victorian public entity. When it comes to their emergency management and training, Yarnall explains, “It is aimed at any business or organisation, to ensure their plans, procedures and preparedness for emergencies are in place. This includes the training of designated fire wardens within companies so they know what to do in the event of an emergency. The result is a far more knowledgeable and resilient workforce regarding emergencies to protect both people and assets.” Insurance premiums for clients will of course also be positively influenced by evidence of this type of training, whether in the estimation of premium amounts or the processing of claims. Yarnall adds, “This is understandable given the insurance industry is a key factor in clients thinking regarding the provision of these services by FES, since the mitigation and minimising of risks due to fire and other emergencies is fundamental to the insurance industry.” Facilities covered by FES services range from the largest, such as hospitals and universities, to smaller businesses, including those in the corporate and industrial sectors. The latter includes everything from warehouses and factories to local small business retailers. Another sector covered is hospitality, with clients ranging from hotels to small tour operators. Being based in Melbourne means the state of Victoria is the core region providing the vast majority of work for FES, although the organisation does have client partners with asset portfolios throughout Australia. The