Business View Oceania | May 2021

41 42 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA MAY 2021 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA MAY 2021 V I S ION SYSTEMS windows when it’s raining… literally anything that the owner requires to be automated can be these days.” To keep up on all the latest technology and trends, the Vision Systems team undergoes extensive training courses. Until last year that involved in-person training but now due to COVID-19, they are mostly online courses because many of the Vision System suppliers are overseas and travel is restricted. Bailey explains, “Much of the training has also morphed from smaller systems. For example, we might have been working on a system for five years before that new technology came around, so the guys have a good understanding of it already.” When it comes to the importance of building good customer relationships, Bailey confirms, “Everything is about the partnership with the client. They have entrusted us to undertake their security or their electrical or data, so for us they were 10 years ago and now we’re tendering and quoting for separate work, whether it’s electrical or security.” Visions Systems just do the electronic components of a security system. The monitoring or guard response side is normally dealt with by different companies throughout New Zealand. Ninety percent of the company’s work is commercial but when they do residential, it’s multi-million dollar houses. That top echelon of properties where the security and electrical package could be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Johnson notes, “Everything we do for residential is ‘smart’. It’s all controlled through phone apps, everything from blinds to irrigation to audio. We can control your toaster, close your being controlled through networks and IP controllers. When we first started, there was only two of us and now we have close to 70 employees and about 15 contractors who work for us.” Vision Systems has two main business divisions: electrical /data and security, which are about equal in size. Johnson explains, “The electrical division includes data systems – running the network cabling structure for IP systems. We started out just in security, and about 12 years ago we saw an opportunity to grow into the electrical market because people wanted to tie up that whole package – electrical and security under one contract. We’re finding more recently that the security contracts are a lot larger than For more information +64210522006