Business View Oceania | Volume 3, Issue 11

17 18 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 3, ISSUE 11 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 3, ISSUE 11 T he team at Custom Technology Systems (CTS) have been in operation since 1998. Founded to support the existing customer base of a former technology systems provider, CTS began as a supplier of electronic control systems for New Zealand’s correctional facilities, providing systems that included integrated cameras, intercoms, gate controls, and alarms. Since their founding, the company has evolved to service domestic and commercial areas in the wider security industry such as police stations, government facilities, airports, and public service buildings. Their experience is second to none and continues to grow with every installation. CEO Brett Copeland proudly shares his view on the CTS story. “We serviced many areas throughout the security sector but worked mainly within custodial facilities. We are able to set up bespoke systems for facility management that allow for complete control over things like doors, gates, televisions, radios, lighting, water, cameras, lifts, BMS, and more. And we do this to help improve the safety of staff and the people they manage. Our work is especially important for places like custodial facilities; we give staff the power to move prisoners and staff around and provide them with appropriate environments without the need for too many boots on the ground. Lowering the level of contact and allowing staff to control the entire custodial environment from one location or console improves their safety, boosts their confidence, reduces AT A GLANCE CUSTOM TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS WHAT: Provider of electronic security systems for clients throughout New Zealand WHERE: Custom Technology Systems is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand WEBSITE: Custom Technology Systems (CTS) Entrance Security System Specialists Custom Technology is proud to be nominated as the EWIS PAGA systems provider by Air New Zealand for their new hanger to be integrated into the existing base PAGA system and fire services systems