Business View Oceania | Volume 3, Issue 11

33 34 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 3, ISSUE 11 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 3, ISSUE 11 facility, Elitepac New Zealand (Ltd).  Elitepac acts as a manufacturer for Living Green brands and as a full-service contract packer for many other national and international OEM brands. It is an innovation-based manufacturing entity capable of producing thousands of bottled goods a day that works with customers to provide, advance, and export finished products around the globe. Elitepac supplies chemical formulations for a variety of sectors, including industrial, cleaning, food, automotive, education, health and hospitality. With the highest global quality assurance procedures which meet the requirements of Eco-warranty Tim James ( Living Green Group, National Sales Manager)  and Chris Harper (Cleanlab, National  Sales Manager) share the Living Green Group story. Miss. Mclisky begins, “After a while creating products to use in our own home, Nigel (my father) and I realised our experience and passion for making a difference in the chemical industry would allow us to do something important, together. Such a significant gap in the New Zealand market meant that very few biodegradable and sustainable products existed at all; the ones that did were often either ineffective, misleading, or overly expensive. We sought to remedy that and are proud of what we have achieved so far. It’s been a fascinating journey with many great moments and some incredibly difficult ones. Starting a business with my father and getting to spend every day with him has been the biggest blessing in the world. We feel extremely lucky to be able to provide the products and services that we do to the people that we do.” Living Green Group believes in and operates via a ‘Key P’ focus: purpose, promise, people, and the planet. Dedication to each of these areas is at the core of everything the company does. Miss. Mclisky shares, “We wanted to have a business that was driven and motivated by purpose, we believed in helping solve environmental and health problems through delivering great products while reducing harm to our planet. We hold ourselves and our products accountable to the people that purchase them and support our community where we can, while maintaining our responsibility to the environment and measuring ourselves against a yardstick to lead by example in improving New Zealand’s product and trade standards. We believe strongly in the importance of green living, green energy, and sustainability for a healthier lifestyle at work and home. We look to nature for innovation, we support lab coats, not lab animals, and we invest back into the environment whenever possible.” Living Green Group is well on their way to L I V ING GREEN GROUP global eco standard, International ISO9001- 2008 Certification, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Australian therapeutic goods Authority (TGA) Biogro Organic Certifications, Ministry of Primary Industries, New Zealand Dairy approvals and is currently undergoing Environmental Choice NZ and GECA. Manufacturing and contract packing a diverse range of products from liquid cosmetics and skin care, household and commercial cleaners and chemicals, personal care and toiletries, medical and holistic products, and veterinary products. Senior representatives Sigrid McLisky (Living Green Group, Cofounder and Managing Director),