Business View Oceania | Volume 3, Issue 11

61 62 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 3, ISSUE 11 BUSINESS VIEW OCEANIA VOLUME 3, ISSUE 11 avoid having to juggle multiple service providers. Being a highly qualified business with an extensive portfolio and a plethora of positive reviews, Be Floored markets largely through customer referencing and word of mouth. The team works hard to continue developing their skills alongside changes in the market, Mr. Sultana shares. “It’s all about understanding the current trends and seeing where the industry is likely to go in the future. We maintain a very proactive approach as a team to continuously upskill and educate ourselves as well as our customers and those in our supply chain. I’m fairly hands-on myself, but its how the whole group works together that makes the difference.” Sustainability is paramount at Be Floored. Maintenance products sold and used by the team are all either PEFC or FSC certified, and the company takes their chain of custody certification very seriously. In addition to ensuring all products come from a sustainable, accredited source, Be Floored takes part in environmentally friendly initiatives such as timber recycling and regeneration. The utilisation of recycled hardwoods is a huge part of Be Floored’s active approach to sustainability. To see examples of large-scale success in the use of recycled hardwoods, Mr Sultana would like to direct readers to a sustainable build project unique to the Melbourne market, Nightingale Housing. The Nightingale project is run by a not- for-profit organisation that provides affordable, socially conscious, and environmentally sustainable apartment buildings. With multiple nationally recognised awards for sustainability and housing categories, Nightingale is leading the way for Melbourne in terms of sustainable, community-based, low-cost residential builds. More information can be found on their website, . In the future, Be Floored aims to expand their capability to source and process recycled hardwoods, and continue moving towards carbon neutrality. Mr. Sultana shares, “Our industry has come a long way in recent years in terms of sustainability and its level of priority in company operations. I would personally like to see a lot more Australian species being used for sustainable wood products, because it will ultimately lead to more plantations and better protection for those species in natural environments. The use of recycled hardwoods is something that really needs to become more common for every business in the market; they have been a largely untapped resource in the past, and we are just now seeing a real push for their use in a number of different spaces. So that’s a real positive. We’ve been doing it for a while ourselves, so it’s easy for us to see their ongoing potential as an industry resource.” Be Floored would like to conclude with their thanks to suppliers and business partners that have been a major part of their success to date. They include BORAL, Icon Construction, Royal Oak Floors, Aus Select Timbers, Grand Oak Flooring, Damtec Acoustic Solutions, BONA, and LOBA finishes. Thanks to the support of these vital business relationships, Be Floored will continue to provide the Australian construction industry with top quality timber products and services in the years to come. BE FLOORED PREFERRED VENDOR/PARTNER n RLA Polymers The RLA flooring range now offers a complete flooring solution from moisture suppression products, subfloor primers, SLC’s and adhesives. RLA has designed and developed One System Warranties for textile, resilient and timber floorcoverings. For more information about the RLA One System Warranty, please contact RLA and or our distribution partners. Beautifully Blended natural/ man-made craftsmanship. Timber supplied by Royal Oak Flooring. Featuring Be Floored Parquetry install. Timber supplied by Royal Oak Flooring.