From the Editor – February 2021

February 23, 2021

Work. Life. Balance. Three words with the power to literally change lives – depending on which way the scales tip. Too many hours at work can bring on stress, a decrease in productivity, lack of sleep, and a lowering of the immune system. And that’s not a good outcome, especially in these times of COVID-19, when it’s more important than ever to stay healthy and well rested. For so many of us, it’s become more difficult to draw the line between when the work day begins and ends. Often, we just keep at it, or going back to it at all hours, simply because work is always there.

So what’s the answer? If we just put down the phone, ignore the inbox for awhile, and close the office door (from the outside)… guess what? There’s a whole world out there. Grab a short walk or a long hike in the fresh air, recharge the brain cells with a workout, meditate, swim, have a good belly laugh. The world at large, and our corner of it, is an intensely serious place that requires 100 percent of our focus – but not 100 percent of the time. As it turns out, discipline is not just a job requisite; it’s a play requisite, too. So take this as permission granted to get out of your chair, out of the workspace, and go find a bit of balance. Mindfulness. It’s a good thing.

Reading is a wonderful de-stressing tool and, I have to say, Business View Oceania is a great online choice. This month’s issue is particularly enlightening with our focus on Sustainability in the Construction sector. We start with an in-depth report from the Frame & Truss Manufacturers’ Association of New Zealand (FTMA) on government and industry solutions to, among other issues, the shortage of skilled workers and insights into the exciting future of timber-based building in the residential and commercial space.

Continuing in that vein, PrefabNZ is proving a staunch advocate and voice for the promotion of offsite construction. Its members are at the heart of innovative building in New Zealand, delivering high quality, smarter, greener, safer, faster and more efficient building solutions. Our February Cover Feature profiles the success story of Woodspan PLT Panels, a homegrown offshoot of Taranakipine that is revolutionising the New Zealand prefab timber construction sector with its signature brand parallel laminated timber.

Meanwhile, the Shire of Dardanup, WA is visioning its future on the premise, if you build it they will come… in fact, they are creating an entirely new city! The planned City of Wanju, set on 1,200 hectares of farmland in the north-west corner of the Shire, is the answer to sustainable growth. Designed to accommodate 60,000 people, Wanju will become a regional hub for commercial, retail, entertainment, health, recreation and residential. Complemented by the proposed Waterloo Industrial Park – with the potential for thousands of jobs in a variety of sectors.

It’s a pleasure to share so much positive news in this edition of Business View. Be well and enjoy the read, my friends!







Lorie Lee Steiner


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