From the Editor – May 2021

May 19, 2021

Security is big business in these trying times and critical to people’s overall safety and wellbeing. In New Zealand alone, the security industry is worth an estimated $2.8 billion dollars with more than 1400 security companies operating in the country. The New Zealand Security Association (NZSA) is proud to be the voice for this incredibly essential sector and wants to recognise all the workers in the security industry who step up to face the challenges of the ever-evolving world we live in. The people who every day, directly or indirectly, save lives and property by doing the right thing. Kudos to one and all.

This month in Business View Oceania we feature a handful of remarkable businesses in the security sector and other industries that raise customer care to a whole new level. A prime example: Clients of Vision Systems throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific are treated to exceptional levels of service, support and high-quality electrical, security & data solutions – and it’s all just second nature to this ‘visionary’ company. The firm’s goals for the future are concentrated on bringing in the right people to structure growth, with a keen interest on training today’s youth as the tradespeople of the future.

For Melbourne-based Hickory, one of Australia’s preeminent construction groups, deployment of its own bespoke system, HBS, is part of a paradigm shift away from traditional construction methods. That transition to becoming a holistic, forward-thinking company has ultimately led to high quality, more creative, and safer buildings.

“Long and proud service” is a fitting description for Fire Equipment Services (FES), which has been operational for an amazing 119 years. Established as the ‘Special Services’ part of the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (now Fire Rescue Victoria) in 1902, FES has evolved from a fire safety service conducted by fire fighters to the sophisticated division it is today. For FES, the next three to five years is all about enhancing the ability of the community to respond to fire and other emergencies, thanks to improved building safety features and digital innovation.

On Christmas Island, the PRL group is the biggest private employer and has a strong presence with tradespeople. So it was a natural fit for its subsidiary, C.I. Maintenance Services to provide essential services for the Commonwealth. From cleaning and security, to engineering, electrical, mechanical, hydraulics, as well as pest control and fire services, CIMS takes excellent care of assets on this remote and beautiful island.

And speaking of Christmas Island, a completely different type of asset in the area is making the ‘good news’ headlines – as well it should. The Australian Government has announced its intention to secure the future of one of the country’s last ‘untouched’ marine environments with plans to establish two new Marine Parks – covering up to 740,000 square kilometres of waters around Christmas Island and the Cocos. Ensuring a balanced outcome that conserves the natural habitat, encourages sustainable use of the waters, promotes eco-tourism and research and helps stimulate the regional economy – what’s not to love?

The world is becoming a more caring and collaborative place, my friends. Be kind, stay safe and enjoy the read!







Lorie Lee Steiner


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