From the Editor – Volume 3 Issue 6

June 17, 2021

Celebrating the seas!

June 8th is set aside every year as World Oceans Day – a time to celebrate and acknowledge the life-sustaining waters that cover so much of planet Earth. It’s great to have a day dedicated to the cause but in fact it’s something that should be on everyone’s mind throughout the year.

For the Oceania region, and other island nations around the globe, the importance of our precious natural resource is heightened with the challenges of climate change and sea level rise. Our coastal cities, ports, resorts, manufacturing facilities, and other critical infrastructure continue to fuel economic development and livelihoods in the trade, transportation, tourism, and food sectors. So, joining together to protect and better understand our oceans and seas is just the right thing to do. See highlights of the fully virtual World Oceans Day event at

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs…

This month’s Business View Oceania focuses on the visionary and ever-evolving sign industry, beginning with insights from the New Zealand Sign and Display Association (NZSDA). They acknowledge, “By far our members’ main concern for the future is around training and lack of skilled labour in our industry.” The Association is also working with trade suppliers on developing a materials sustainability program to improve the industry’s dependency on non-sustainable materials. Eco-friendly is no longer a buzz word, it’s a necessity.

A key player in the sign and display industry is New Zealand’s Aarque Group, a leader provider of digital print solutions. They’ve earned a stellar reputation for offering clients the latest hi-tech machinery from all the top brands. But this dedicated company is about more than just hardware. It’s about building relationships with clients, suppliers and staff and a focus on being the “Partner of Choice”.

And then we discover Displayworks – one of New Zealand’s longest operating signage producers – where every day is different, designs are different and there is always much planning and thinking required. As their GM attests, “This is the beauty of the industry; you can make just about anything because signage and the display are in the eye of the beholder. So, if you can dream it, generally, you can make it.”

When it comes to Facilities Management, that industry too is undergoing significant change. As it has since 1986, Argest will continue to support facilities management services in New Zealand alongside industry developments, to ensure that all buildings meet appropriate health and safety requirements for the benefits of their owners, staff and patrons. Argest is keenly aware that the responsibilities imposed on facilities managers and building owners are only going to increase, and they strive to ease some of the strain to come, whilst continuing to grow as a business.

For all our featured companies, and the world as a whole, the signs are pointing to a bright and positive future. Be kind and stay safe, my friends… and enjoy the read!







Lorie Lee Steiner


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