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May 30, 2024

Evo Cycles

Riding the Trails


Navigating a path with a clear route ahead

Amidst the spokes and gears of the cycling industry, Evo Cycles emerges as a dynamic force propelled by passion and determination. Embracing the core values of cycling culture, Evo Cycles transcends traditional boundaries to epitomize a story of resilience and ingenuity. At the heart of this narrative lies the leadership of CEO Sam Fletcher, whose visionary strategies have guided Evo Cycles through the ever-evolving landscape of the cycling realm.

In three short years Evo Cycles has grown from a simple retailer into what is undoubtedly a national powerhouse dominating bike retail in New Zealand. The proof is in the pudding and getting there is the journey that has transformed this dynamic organization. By consistently selling the best product, hiring the best crew and giving its team a solid purpose, customers are met with an energetic, expert and passionate retailer that has sped past the competition.

Tracing the roots of Evo Cycles

CEO Sam Fletcher

In 2008, amidst economic uncertainty, Evo Cycles emerged as a shining example of resilience. From its humble beginnings as a bike store in Hamilton, New Zealand, it has grown into a nationwide phenomenon, driven by the audacious vision and work ethic of the Evo Cycles team.

During its inception, Evo Cycles bravely faced the challenges of the global financial crisis, maneuvering through turbulent times. Despite encountering obstacles initially, Fletcher persisted, acknowledging the unexplored possibilities within the cycling sector and decisively seizing the chance to establish Evo Cycles’ unique position.

As Evo Cycles expanded its footprint across New Zealand, from Hamilton to Auckland, it became synonymous with quality, innovation, and customer service. At its core, the values of ‘Win-Win,’ ‘Improve,’ ‘All In,’ and ‘Lead’ foster a culture of integrity, collaboration, and innovation. This culture sets Evo Cycles apart in a competitive landscape and inspires others to strive for the same.

Today, Evo Cycles is a testament to what can be achieved when passion meets purpose. Under Fletcher’s visionary leadership, Evo Cycles has redefined the cycling industry and inspired riders of all ages on a journey of adventure and self-discovery. This is an experience that every cycling enthusiast, potential customer, and business partner can be proud to be a part of.

The rise of e-commerce

The turning point of Evo Cycles came with the dawn of e-commerce. Recognizing the potential of online retail, Fletcher and his team took a leap of faith, launching Evo Cycles into the digital space.  With a makeshift website and a stroke of luck, they clinched their first online sale—a pivotal moment that ignited their online expansion.

Fuelled by this early success, Fletcher doubled down on his online strategy, investing time and resources into building a robust e-commerce platform. Despite initial pushback from traditional suppliers, Fletcher forged ahead, even importing bikes to circumvent distribution challenges.

As Evo Cycles gained traction nationwide, Fletcher’s vision expanded beyond the North Island. Setting sights on the South Island, Fletcher strategically opened stores in Tauranga and Christchurch, further solidifying Evo Cycles’ presence across New Zealand.

By 2017, Evo Cycles opened seven stores; while profitability remained elusive, Fletcher’s constant belief in Evo Cycles’ potential never wavered.

Propelling Growth

In 2018, Fletcher experienced a moment of clarity—an epiphany that would shape Evo Cycles’ trajectory for years to come. “There’s no point in opening just one store a year. So, let’s open heaps.” Fletcher’s words echo with a determination that fuels Evo Cycles’ ambitious expansion. Armed with little more than a nail gun and a vision, Fletcher and his team set out to redefine the brand’s presence in the cycling industry.

The expansion was not without its challenges, but Fletcher’s ingenuity prevailed. “We came up with a bit of a template to do the store fit-outs that wasn’t going to cost us huge amounts of money,” he notes. The resourceful approach allowed Evo Cycles to scale rapidly while keeping costs manageable.

From 2018 to 2020, Evo Cycles transformed, adding twenty new stores to its roster. “We went from seven stores in 2017 to thirty-one by the end of 2020 and we are anticipating to reach thirty-two stores,” Fletcher recounts proudly. This accelerated growth expanded Evo Cycles’ footprint and solidified its position as a powerhouse in the cycling world.

Strategic partnerships

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 posed yet another test for Evo Cycles. However, instead of retreating, Fletcher seized the opportunity. Despite facing setbacks in logistics and navigating through lockdown restrictions, Evo Cycles pressed forward, opening three new stores. It capitalized on the surge in bicycle demand, adapting to the challenging circumstances.

Evo Cycles stands at the forefront of New Zealand’s cycling industry, boasting partnerships with some of the world’s most popular bike brands. Among these partnerships, Giant and Trek hold a prominent position, with Evo Cycles proudly claiming the title of New Zealand’s largest dealer for both brands. These alliances are essential, considering that a substantial portion—approximately 55%—of Evo Cycles’ sales are attributed to bikes from these manufacturers.

However, Evo Cycles’ reach extends beyond these major brands. In addition to importing its bikes, the company collaborates with several smaller local bike brands, diversifying its product offerings to cater to a wide range of cyclists. Additionally, Evo Cycles has cultivated numerous partnerships with accessory wholesalers across New Zealand, many of whom consider Evo Cycles their most significant account in the country.

What sets Evo Cycles apart is not just the breadth of its partnerships but also the efficiency of its operations. Through streamlined processes, such as direct purchasing, Evo Cycles ensures a seamless experience for its customers. For instance, when a customer purchases on the Evo Cycles website, the order is promptly forwarded to the supplier, who fulfills the order directly—an arrangement that enhances convenience and expedites delivery.

Company incentive program

As Evo Cycles looks ahead, Fletcher remains constantly committed to developing the cycling industry. With a workforce of over 240 dedicated individuals and a portfolio of esteemed partnerships, Evo Cycles stands ready to continue its upward trajectory.

Evo Cycles introduced a company-wide incentive program that recognizes more than individual accomplishments—it embodies a commitment to fostering a culture of collaboration. By ensuring equal opportunities for all employees across its stores, Fletcher has cultivated an environment where each team member feels valued and motivated to excel.

Through the implementation of real-time leaderboards and transparent metrics, Evo Cycles has redefined the traditional notion of incentives, turning it into a dynamic and engaging competition. Employees strive for personal success and cheer on their colleagues, building connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

While Evo Cycles’ success on the retail front is undeniable, Fletcher’s vision extends beyond the bottom line. “One of my main drives, because it’s not just about the money for us, is sponsoring a child for every employee by World Vision,” Sam passionately articulates. By the end of this year, Evo Cycles aims to support 60 children, representing approximately 30% of its workforce.


Company values

“In our company, we hold four core values that I believe have been instrumental in our growth. These values aren’t just words on paper but the driving force behind our success story.”

At the heart of Evo Cycles’ operations is the principle of creating mutually beneficial outcomes, “Win-Win.” This value underscores Evo Cycles’ commitment to fairness and integrity in every transaction and interaction. Evo Cycles fosters trust and loyalty—a cornerstone of its success by ensuring that employees and customers are treated equitably.

Evo Cycles’ dedication to continuous improvement, encapsulated by the value of “Improve,” sets it apart in a rapidly evolving industry. From its bespoke in-house systems to its proactive approach to feedback, Evo Cycles exemplifies a culture of adaptability.

The value of “All In” embodies Evo Cycles’ commitment to going above and beyond in every venture. From the collaborative efforts of its staff during store fit-outs to the dedication of its team members, Evo Cycles embodies a spirit of collective engagement and dedication. This value drives the company’s growth and fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie among its employees.

The last value is “Lead,” where innovation meets leadership. Evo Cycles sets itself apart as an industry pioneer by prioritizing trailblazing over imitation. From introducing revolutionary services like bike shipping to spearheading innovative incentive programs, Evo Cycles leads by example, inspiring others to follow suit.


Evo Cycles

What:  New Zealand’s leading bike shop, with 31 showrooms nationwide.

Where: New Zealand

Website: https://www.evocycles.co.nz/


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