French Polynesia Hosts 2022 Blue Climate Summit

May 24, 2022

Over 250 global leaders and ocean champions recently congregated in French Polynesia, from the 14th to 20th of May, for the 2022 Blue Climate Summit. With attendees including the Pacific Oceans Commissioner, Henry Puna, Cook Islands Prime Minister, Mark Brown, and President of French Polynesia, Monsieur Edouard Fritch, the Summit brought together scientists, activists, influencers, finance and policy makers, and community, political, business, and youth leaders in hopes of spurring further and faster action against climate change.

Run by the Blue Climate Initiative, the Blue Climate Summit is described as: “A High-Level Summit to Accelerate Impact. The purpose of the Summit is to accelerate ocean-related solutions to climate change, launch major announcements, galvanize task forces, present impact investment opportunities, and provide an international forum for Pacific Islanders to spearhead action on ocean and climate issues.”

Six ‘missions’ have been identified by the Blue Climate Initiative as key priorities moving forward:

  • Climate Change Mitigation
  • Ocean Protection
  • CO2 Removal
  • Healthy Blue Communities
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Improved Ocean Understanding

The Initiative shares, “The ocean is life-giving to humanity and the biosphere. Human actions are causing rising sea levels, warmer temperatures, ocean acidification, biodiversity loss, and ecosystem damage through chemical pollutants. The health of our oceans is bound to the health of our people and our planet. We urgently need action to reverse the downward spiral.”

President of French Polynesia, Monsieur Edouard Fritch, also commented on the Summit in an official release. “With the largest managed marine area in the world and its 19,000 km2 Biosphere Reserve, our people of the largest ocean continent carry a message to offer to the World. On the occasion of the Blue Climate Summit, I invite the world to come to French Polynesia, to Listen to us, and above all, to Hear us.”

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